October 7

‘Why am I not seeing the results I expected?’

Do you feel you are putting much thought and preparation into your food everyday, spend your hard earned money filling your fridge every week, pay for a gym membership every month and dedicate hours to the gym every week? Do you expect your body to be looking different to what it does right now?


There are so many people dedicating so much of their time and effort, and they hardly have anything to show for it.


If this is you, take a step back and question what you could be doing wrong, no it’s probably not that you’re eating carbs after 7pm instead of 6pm. Hiring a skilled professional (who gets results) and asking for their opinion, could actually cost you a fraction of the money you’re wasting by not making any progress.


If being healthy is your goal, and you’re happy, then good on you. But most people are doing what they do for results, be that muscle gain or fat loss.


There will be something you’re either doing wrong or something you could add-in that you haven’t even thought of.


What we do is all about making progress, be that large steps or small consistent ones. If you’re not assessing and tweaking on a regular basis, you can’t expect to be moving forwards and looking any different in regards to your body shape.


Don’t be the person committing everything you got, and have nothing to show for it.


Would you like to change your body shape and take your results to the next level?

Book a consultation and start working with our personal trainers on one of our programmes.


If you are a beginner or just starting back, then you might find this read useful A beginners guide to losing body fat.



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