March 6

How Ashis Lost His First Stone

How Ashis Lost His First Stone

Ashis is very similar to a lot of the clients that we coach at Lean Body Training.

He has a demanding job, a young family and a busy lifestyle.

In the past, he barely had any time for picking and putting much thought into his nutrition and admitted there was very little structure to his nutrition and exercise routine.

Ashis also struggled previously with a knee injury that restricted some movement. It meant we were very limited in terms of exercises for his programme.

Thing is, like many people, being busy and suffering from old injuries is a perfect reason to hold off training.

However, Ashis committed to some changes in his lifestyle, he was shown to move towards his weight loss goals without having to cut out his favourite foods. 

He worked his way first though our programme. In a very short space of time, he saw dramatic changes to the function and strength of his knees, body fat started to drop a quick pace and started to build muscle.

Both these changes were exactly what he needed to see, as they were key areas that he hadn’t seen any improvements in a long time.

At this stage, Ashis has lost 8% body fat and 9kg since working with us and has noticed improvements in his energy levels and overall health.

Great work! 


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