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A Beginners Guide to Losing Body Fat

A Beginners Guide to Losing Body Fat

Have you just started out on your weight loss journey and have quite a lot of stubborn fat to lose?

There are quite a few articles we write that relate to people toning, getting stronger and are looking to progress to the next level. However, this article is for those who are just at the beginning of their journey and need some helpful hints and tips to get them started.


1. Start initially by cleaning up your diet

Start by reducing processed foods, dairy, gluten, wheat and any food that you know causes inflammation and bloating. Also eliminating starchy foods such as white bread and pasta and replace them with gluten free oats, sweet potato and wholemeal grains. There is no counting calories at this stage, no weighing of food, just simply gaining some control and cleaning up your diet.


2. The next step is to set a protein goal

Simply start by using your body weight and add another 50% to it and that will be your calorie number. This will give you a good guide to start with. So for example, if somebody weighs 90 kilograms, their daily protein target will be 135 grams of protein. All you have to do is make sure you spread that number throughout the day and hit that total amount.


3. Eat a portion of essential fat with each meal

This could simply be a drizzle of olive oil over salad or vegetables, a few nuts, or cooking meals with a teaspoon of coconut oil. The essential fats are not just vital for hormonal -health, they should make up around 20% of your daily calorie intake. Low calorie eating is a major reason why people don’t maintain fat loss over time.


4. Hit a water goal

I make sure everyone I work with drinks at least 2-3 litres per day.

These first tips along with training a minimum of 3 times per week, will help you see very good results and help set a structure/routine to move forward with. There will come a time when you start to stall, this is where a consistent food diary will come in. You can find a sample training programme and nutrition guide in the Lean Body Training ebook by clicking the link.


5. Make a record of your food diary

This will show you how consistent you’re being. Inconsistency leads to poor results. So this next step is just to make sure you stay consistent at all times.


6. If you have been exercising 3 x a week, this is the time when you could add in another session

This session will add a boost to your results.

So as you see, you don’t have to do anything fancy, you don’t have to count everything at the start and skip meals, you just have to do the basics and make sure you remain consistent.

As you get leaner, and you lose weight, then you do have to become slightly more specific to see further results.




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