November 22

“What do your clients eat to lose body fat?”

We receive many messages from people asking for the nutrition guidance that our clients follow to get into shape. A lot gets pretty frustrated when we say “This really depends”, or give general guidelines but nothing specific.


Many inexperienced personal trainers may simply send out a generic diet plan when asked for advice, and to be honest, they’ll work for some, but not for everyone.


Remember, to achieve the results you want, you must have a plan that has been designed for you.


Fat loss is specific to the individual, it’s dependant on many factors, but the biggest ones are how you respond to a certain amount of calories and certain foods.


One thing we teach everyone that we work with is how to listen to their body. Do they feel better after eating certain foods, do they have enhanced energy levels and train better with carbs in their pre-training meal, or do they feel better when they stick to protein and fats for the majority of their meals.


Personally, I like to mix up the diet for my clients, I use carbs in their diet and then switch it to more fats on others. After a while of watching how my clients respond, I might get them to eat more carbs and higher protein. By manipulating macronutrients, you can also see if your body looks better after carb-based days, or on days when you reduce your carb intake.


Normally, I do have a style of nutrition and timings on that which I know works pretty well for optimizing most people’s fat composition whilst keeping lean muscle. However, I’m also very happy to switch it around if my clients aren’t responding enough. When I say responding, I mean not seeing the changes that I’m expecting to see, either on the scales, from looking at their progress pictures or when I read their body fat measurements.


It might frustrate some that hear me say that it all depends, but your own physiology really does dictate which style of dieting works best for you.


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As I’m writing these articles to a mixture of inexperienced and more experienced people, please make sure you’re putting yourself in the correct area. For the purpose of this blog, I’m referring to more advanced weight loss strategies.


Many of those reading this can simply get into a really nice shape by just tidying up your diet alone. It can really be pretty simple and most people overcomplicate things right at the beginning.


So when it comes to more advanced methods when looking at fat loss, it really isn’t as simple as sending someone a nutrition plan that one of our clients has gained success from. Over the time we’ve worked with someone, we’ve tweaked their diet based on how much they have to lose and what’s most sustainable for their lifestyle.


Pay attention to how you look and feel after eating certain foods, start off with a set of guidelines, and don’t be afraid to mix things up as you go along.


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