March 11

The key to losing fat and keeping it off

All of us know that its easy to pursue something when it’s our passion. We also understand that you can stick to something if you really, really want to achieve it (and you’re clear that it is something you really want).


In many cases, getting to a lean body shape isn’t actually someone’s passion, it’s a short term target, and often it’s not something people give a lot of thought to.


You may think that you have to plan far into the future or make huge lifestyle changes before starting on your weight loss plan. However, this is not necessarily the case.


Those who get to a healthy shape that they’re happy with (and find it easier to stay in shape), at some point whether conscious or unconscious, made small positive changes like deciding to start eating a little healthier or simply start walking more before it escalated into something that became a part of their life.


Many people dip in and out of losing weight, for months, if not years, before it finally becomes something that’s easy to manage.


Many people overlook to fact that getting to the shape they want is all about making change, it’s all about adapting some of your lifestyle habits and in some cases your social surroundings.


We spend so much of our time, helping busy individuals when they dip back into their old habits. It’s inevitable when you work with people who are trying to make changes.


The point of this short blog article is not to focus too far ahead right at the beginning. Just get started, surround yourself with people or support groups who have been through or who are wanting to go through what you want to become.


Learn bit by bit, don’t get frustrated when you slip up for a couple of days, enjoy the process and learn as you go along and we can assure you it’ll all become a big part of your life before very long at all.


If you focus too much on the future initially, it all becomes way too daunting in one go, and often pull out of the fear and overwhelm of the change you can see ahead.


Enjoy the journey, it really is life-changing.


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