June 12

The Quickest Way To Long Term Health

Bad habits ingrained over time can often prove tough to break and when quitting outright doesn’t work, it might be necessary to bring in new actions.

Replacing bad habits with positive ones can help to rewire your thinking and escape negative loops so as to develop healthy routines instead – here are some actions to help you find some direction if you’re struggling with this.

Below is a list of 15 questions.

How many can you tick off?

Higher than 10? You’re on your way to feeling fit, confident and healthy.

Below 5? Then I’m giving you a virtual kick up the butt to take some action and get it to 10 in the next 5 weeks!

P.S. This is EVERYDAY, not just some days…

1. Eating 3 fist-sized portions of protein a day

2. Having 3 pieces of fruit or veg

3. Drinking 2l of water

4. Walking 10,000 steps

5. Getting min 7 hours of sleep

6. Spending an hour before bed totally tech-free

7. Having a maximum of 1 take away a week

8. Limiting alcohol to 2 glasses/pints a week

9. Doing at least 30 mins of exercise 3-4 times per week

10. Have a very clearly defined fitness goal that’s achievable in a certain time frame.

11. Stretching at least 5 minutes a day

12. Limiting caffeine to 2 cups a day.

13. Give at least one person a compliment every day

14. Strength train at least twice a week (with weights)

15. Measure your progress through how loose your clothes are, or the number on the scale or how sexy AF you’re beginning to look.


What’s your number?

Below 5, no worries. You just have some amazing progress to look forward to.

Above 10, congrats, you’re getting there… Keep up the hard work.

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