April 13

Feel Your Best With These 5 Simple Health Strategies

When you’re juggling a busy schedule, it’s easy to spend your downtime going out to eat rather than cooking, or relaxing while watching TV instead of working out. But implementing basic healthy habits into your lifestyle can boost your energy levels and well-being without wasting too much of your free time. Here’s how you can increase your activity levels, and step count, and get the hang of meal prepping.


Stick to a Sleep Routine

 It’s all too easy to spend an extra hour scrolling on your phone when you should be trying to sleep. Instead of falling into this rut, try sticking to an evening routine that sets you up for eight hours of quality sleep. Bedstar recommends turning your lights off at the same time each night – including your devices – and setting your alarm for the same time every morning, even on the weekends. If you’ve been struggling with sleep problems for a while and quick fixes to your routine don’t seem to be helping, you may want to think about seeing a sleep specialist.


Balance Exercise With “Active Rest”

 You don’t need to work out every day to be healthy – and you might have the time for a daily fitness session, anyway. But you can always incorporate “active rest” into your life. Active rest refers to gentle forms of exercise and physical activity that don’t require you to exert yourself. Doing yoga, stretching and going for long walks both qualify!


Boost Your Step Count

If you spend most of your day working at a desk, you might be wondering how to increase your step count. After all, walking more throughout the day can help you stay in shape without feeling like you’re really working out! To achieve this, Active Goals recommends parking further away from your destinations, getting a treadmill for your home, hopping off the bus one stop early, or going for walks during phone meetings.


Try Meal Prepping

It’s tough to find time to cook during the workweek. Why not meal prep your favourite recipes on the weekends and store them in your fridge instead of trying to cook fresh meals every night? Choose recipes that will still taste great when frozen or refrigerated, and ensure you have plenty of storage containers!


Choose the Right Supplements

Sometimes, taking specific supplements can help you meet your nutritional needs or address mild health issues. However, it’s easy to think you need to take a large array of supplements to improve your quality of life. If you’re wondering which supplements are really worth it, you might want to check in with your doctor and order bloodwork.

You have the power to change your lifestyle and habits for the better. Furthermore, you don’t necessarily have to make major sacrifices along the way. By adopting some of these strategies, you can sleep soundly at night, get plenty of physical activity, and enjoy delicious, home-cooked meals any day of the week!

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Written by: Justin Bennett




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