July 11

Diet or Exercise, Which Comes First?

You may have heard the saying. What came first, the chicken or the egg? And the equivalent in the fitness space is what comes first when losing weight.

Dieting or exercise?

And if you’ve ever googled your way to losing weight, you’ve probably found the information more conflicting than anything.

Some fitness pros will say diet, and others will say exercise but most will say both.

But let’s look at it from a non-biased perspective, shall we?

Doing both is obviously optimal but it requires a whole lot of energy and motivation and action, right from the start and if you’re new to this game? It can all get a tad overwhelming to manage.

Exercise is also a good place to start.

I mean every workout makes you feel good and when you get into bed at night there are not many better feelings knowing you’ve worked hard and put a shift in the gym, all to edge you closer to improving your fitness and well-being.


You’ll feel yourself get stronger and improve your confidence and body image along the way, which is also great.

With diet though, which is my preference, it can start at any time and any place.

All you have to do is restrict what you’re eating or modify in some way shape or form what you’re currently eating on a day-to-day basis.

It’s the easiest to get started as it has less friction to get started.

Anyone can reduce their portion size but not everyone can get to the gym consistently enough to see lasting results.

We can all increase our water intake but not many of us know how to perform certain exercises in the gym.

I’ll always favour the path of least resistance initially first and your diet is just that.

It’s you, in your own home and on your own time. It requires no further thought or time management.

It just requires one singular action to kick-start the motion.


So if you’re currently in a rut, or haven’t started your journey yet. Relax
Take it one day at a time, and if time isn’t on your side?

Then focus on your diet and drinking more water until the time comes when you are motivated enough to exercise enough and make a start on your health and fitness.

But until that time comes, don’t fret if you can’t do both.


Start with the nutrition and when the time’s right, add in your strength training.

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