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“But I don’t have time to eat that way”

This is a common excuse we receive from a lot of guys that start with us.

On the face of it all, “I don’t have time to prepare or cook for like that every day” sounds like a reasonable statement.

However, having a busy life isn’t a reason to not feed your body with good, nutritious foods.


If you carve away sometime in preparing food, it’s likely that your progress in dieting will be severely limited. The issue is that in life you will go through phases of having time and not having time, which means you’ll also go through stages of being prepared and unprepared with food.


This ends up in yo-yo dieting, but as you can acknowledge from our previous articles, yo-yo diets tend to be the frustration of lasting results and something we strive to advise to keep away from.

There are two solutions we recommend if time and practicality is a limiting factor in preparing nutritious foods.


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Meal Prep Companies

 One of the benefits a meal prep company can offer is to take away the hassle and time it takes to prepare, cook your own food. We tend to recommend using one of these companies when a clients time isn’t generally flexible or is not practical to prepare or collect food in their day.


Some hesitate due to the perceived expense of this service, however, if your time is money, then it can be considered a no-brainer, as well as the fact that it cuts your lost time where you not achieving your goal!


 Prioritizing Your Time

 With 168 hours in a week. Even for the busiest individual working 70+ hours per week that still leaves 90+ hours. If you’re sleeping even 8 hours per night, that STILL gives you 42 hours left. But this isn’t about maths, it’s about how you choose to prioritize your time. We all spend our ‘spare time’ on things we value. So you have to ask how much does reaching your goal mean to you?


We also tend to waste time nowadays drastically – checking our phone screens, how much time do you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through your apps? And how much value does it add to your life, your health and fitness goals or your professional goals?


Even if you’re not the best cook or don’t enjoy cooking, we still encourage cooking what you can. Buying fresh foods do not take long to prepare wherever possible.

So next time you claim to not have time to eat accordingly to your fitness goals, re-read this article.

We say it’s time to take back control of your nutrition.


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