November 24

Why Quick Fix Fad Diets Won’t Really Work

Why Quick Fix Fad Diets Won’t Really Work

Do you really want to get the body shape of your dreams? To look and feel great? or you want to get the body of your dreams, to look and feel great?

Sound a bit of a no brainer – let’s face it, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to be in the best shape ever?

On the face of it that’s an easy one to answer, here’s one that may be more difficult – do you really know how to get the results you want, to be fitter, leaner, healthier and stronger, and to really stay that way?

Perhaps you think that following a weight loss plan is the way to go. Chances are you’ve spoken to friends, colleagues about them or you’ve tried a few, looking for the ultimate hack to change that body shape. And now you’re probably wondering where you’ve been going wrong, why all that efforts have been for nothing, wasted gym membership, apps, fad diets.. weight goes up and down, are you really where you want to be?


So what is healthy body composition and how it differs from weight loss?

To put simply, weight loss is just a reduction of total body mass, while the term of body composition is the percentage of fat, bone muscle in the body.

Following one of the many weight loss programmes out there, eating a low calorie diet or restrictive food plan and spending hours on the cardio machine might help you shed the pounds but body fat isn’t all you’ll be losing. There are lots of ‘skinny fat people’ around who’s diets and exercise routines have robbed their bodies of vital nutrients and lean muscle mass. And their only left dissatisfied with their physiques but lacking in energy, and high levels of stress hormones and a reduction in their metabolic rate. Contrary to perception and what we see on social media, just being small doesn’t mean you’re healthy!


How does the Lean Body Training System give that great, healthy body shape?

When you start improving your body composition, not only will you be losing weight, if that’s one of your goals, but more importantly you’ll be losing body fat too, building lean muscle and gain a more mobile stronger body you can be proud of.

Instead of pounding the treadmill every week or following a HIIT blast plan, your tailor-made programme concentrates on delivering metabolic strength training in a highly effective and safe way with our coaches, proven to increase strength, reduce risk of injury, speed up your metabolic rate and increase your V02 max.

What’s more, you can forget about low calorie, restrictive diets too. When you work with a coach at Lean Body, you’ll be eating in a way that is health centred and tailored to fit around your lifestyle.


Measuring Progress

When you follow a typical weight loss programme, you’ll typically have just two ways of measuring your progress. The scales will tell you how much weight you’ve lost you may have some information on your BMI too.,

If you’ve stuck with the programme, the results may seem impressive at first glance but they won’t tell the full story – but it’s worth considering as mentioned earlier about raised stress levels, loss of energy, reduced muscle mass and a plan that will be difficult to sustain before you are back at square one.

Our approach to monitoring our clients’ progress is very different. We use tests and measurements for healthy body composition that allow us to set realistic goals and work together with the client to adjust their programme where necessary. And measuring body composition closely means we’re able to make sure you’re losing what you need to lose and hold onto and improve what you need to retain or increase.

We go way beyond the measuring tape, our body fat readers are one of our most valued tools and as the fat literally melts away before your eyes, we’ll be able to monitor your progress to ensure you keep moving forward in the right direction.


The End Result

Some of the results you’ll achieve will be obvious, not only to you but to everyone around you.

Start on our Kick Start Programme and in as little as three months you’ll find your shape has changed beyond recognition – not only that but you’ll like the fact it has changed and the way you now feel. Leaner, stronger, increased muscle tissue, decreased stomach fat – what’s not to like about all that?

And we hardly need to remind you how that’s going to improve the feeling and relationship with your body and health. Think – just how much will a better body and improved health impact your self-confidence and the positive impact that it will have to those closest to you?

What you can expect is the way you’ll be eating now is anti-ageing too. You see dramatic improvements in your skin tone and elasticity – Your energy levels will increase, making it easier to concentrate both at work and home – and you’ll be sleeping better along with much less stress.


Results Which Speak For Themselves

We know that the results we get with our clients speak for themselves but you don’t take our word for it. Just look at what they have achieved and what they have to say. What our clients are saying





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