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Why Having Goals In Place Is Essential To Change Your Body Shape

Why Having Goals In Place Is Essential To Change Your Body Shape

You may be surprised to know that quite a lot of the men that come to see us for the first time, arrive without having any clear plan, or have not even thought through their goals. When they arrive for their initial consultation we hear things like, “I’m here because I want to lose some body fat”, or “I want to gain better stamina” or they simply say that they just want to get leaner. You’ll have a slim chance of getting very far without a clear structure in place and a set action plan of how you intend to achieve them.

Before any of our clients begin their Kick Start, or 12 Week Body Transformation Programme with us, we ask them to go through a goal setting progress together with us.

This may seem unnecessary if you haven’t done it before, but our ability to help someone change their health and physique depends on them doing this first step correctly!


The Outcome Goal

The outcome goal is the main outcome or objective that you aim to achieve as a result of your training process. So someone may have the goal to lose 1 -2 stone or to fit into a waist 34 pair of trousers. So they’ll need to look at the steps along the way in order to achieve this. They may need, for example, to make some small lifestyle habits or make some adjustments in their nutrition.


Changing Behaviours

These are the steps that you have to take in order for you to accomplish your outcome goal successfully.

It’s not as simple as saying things like, “I’m going to need to eat more healthily” or “I need to make sure that I start using my gym membership”. You need to be clearer and make statements like, “I will eat 3 meals per day” and “I will train 3 times per week”.

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Being more specific is one of the points that must be considered when you write your out your goals, below is a list of points you can start to use which are essential for goal setting:


1. Time Specific

Simply making phrases like: “I want to tone up” or “I want to lose “this” [ pointing at your stomach]” Are not goals which can be measured. If your goal is to lose bodyfat for example, you can have bodyfat readings tracked on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

If you have a timeframe in mind you’ll know exactly when you should reach your goal. You can place interim goals along your timeframe like losing 3kg in the first 5 weeks or 3% body fat in the first 3 weeks. Using a timeframe is a very motivational tool.


2. Setting Realistic Goals

It’s really important that your goals reflect achievements that can be realistic and safe within a given timeframe bracket. This may seem like a no brainer but saying you want to lose 10kg in one month is not a realistic goal! Saying that you’re aim is to lose 3kg in 4 weeks is more realistic and one that can be easily achieved with the right structure.

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