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What to do if you hate exercising

Motivation is a limited resource – this is something we mention to our new clients during the joining process. We believe it’s an important thing to realise as we are constantly exposed to motivational quotes and resources in the world of social media. A lot of those seeking guidance have often failed on their fitness journey due to the pressure they put on themselves to be feeling motivated every day and week upon week.


The truth is that no-one is constantly motivated every day, not everyone has an underlying passion for the gym, nor do they have to.

With that being said, if you feel you are struggling to find your long-lasting ‘gym motivation’, here are some tips that will help you shift your mindset and avoid your next decline.


1. Think about what is necessary to achieve your own goal only

This will remove the distracting non-important ‘tips n tricks’ from your own programming, whether that be nutrition or training. At no point on your exercise journey do you want to become emotionally attached to one single method of dieting or exercising, as this could take away areas of your life when you don’t necessarily need to and then in turn making the journey unnecessarily tougher.


Example of one that is diet-related is being in a calorie deficit to lose weight, so becoming attached to a particular method of dieting such as Paleo diet will serve no additional purpose than to restrict yourself at family and social occasions – making it difficult to stick to the diet.


2. Removing the ‘all or nothing’ strategy

Many people who tend to claim an all-or-nothing attitude within their journey are at risk of developing resentment with the whole process itself.


Ruthlessly focus on the basics, consistently. This enables our clients to reduce the pressure they put on themselves whilst still gaining brilliant results. If you ever find yourself yo-yo dieting between weight loss and weight gain this is something very important to consider.


3. Don’t compare yourself to others

Whist comparing ourselves to others sometimes is something we’re all guilty of. However, if we shift our focus on our own progression and acknowledging our own shifts we’ve made along the way, then we’re on the right track to being internally positive.


It’s not about ego-boosting, but instead a word of encouragement that you ARE progressing from where you were, whether that’s simply completing your first week of exercise in the gym, or gaining a personal best on the chest press!


4. Invest in a specialist for the goal you’re striving towards

Whilst this sounds obvious, there are some people that are still extremely resistant to the help of others when it comes to achieving and maintaining health and fitness. One of the most common reasons people invest in personal training is for accountability because if you’re struggling for motivation or feel accountable to your training, you’ve now got someone there to give you that missing drive.


It’s not always mentioned by those who achieve great, lasting results, but most journeys don’t start always to plan and there can be many obstacles along the way.


Remember that once you start staying consistent long enough to see results, things will change. Suddenly the gym won’t seem so intimidating. Skipping fast food becomes easier. Drinking so much alcohol doesn’t seem as appealing anymore.


So start by taking that first step, stay consistent and trust the process.


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