What to consider before starting a new training regime in 2020

New Years Day Coming Up- the day you’re going to get bombarded with fitness solutions, fixes and fads.

Maybe you’ve spent a few days consuming our body weight in chocolate, dinners and puddings, feeling slightly tired and hazy,


So we decide it’s time to make a change, 2020 will be ‘the year’

This traditionally is the day a lot of people start looking for where or how to spend their January transforming, detoxing and where most of the big corporate gyms start rubbing their hands in glee as the cash register lights up.


HOWEVER – before you purchase anything, from anybody (we included) please, please, please – consider these points:


Changes Takes Time

We don’t want to hear it. We want success and we want it now!! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t matter where you spend your money, it is, what it is.


All the transformations you see on our pages have taken time.


Rome wasn’t built in a day just as it didn’t fall apart in a day. Accept it will be a marathon, not a sprint and don’t waste money on the latest quick fix that won’t work, will leave your tired, or that free workout guide off of Google.


Understand Your Goals

We’ve decided we want change and we’re going for it but we don’t really have a clear vision of what that change looks like.

Just ‘lose weight’ is invariably not enough of a goal.


Why are you doing it? What’re the specific outcomes? With a clear destination, you can then plot a clear route map and when it gets hard it’s easier to stay true to your roadmap as you understand where it’s taking you.


It Will Take Some Effort

Buying personal training, online programming or the latest Celebrity DVD is ultimately a guide and a someone to be accountable to but you must still be prepared to do the work.


Paying money doesn’t guarantee success. You need to be ready to put some effort in.


I’m not saying to go ‘beast mode bro’, I’m saying some mental and physical commitment will be needed, or it won’t work.


Lifestyle Changes May Be Needed

You can chuck out all the chocolates, biscuits and alcohol and vow to not touch it for 2 months but when it returns you’re back in the same spot.


You may need to make some long term lifestyle changes or you may need to have a better understanding of how it all works so you can still have those things.


Don’t just turn up to a gym or personal trainer for an hour and think that’s the health and fitness box ticked.


One hour of exercise is invariably not enough to offset 23 hours of behaviours not aligned with your goals!


Find Your Tribe

‘Trouble shared is a trouble halved’ and by finding a community that will inspire and help you through your journey is key. Most of us are social creatures and want to share our journeys with others as many people quit a normal gym as they feel like an outsider, bored, not involved or don’t know anyone.


Whether it’s us or another training community, find one that has people that are similar, that encourage you and want to see you succeed, not just belittle the fact you checked yourself into the gym again on Facebook.


2020 can very easily become the year you want it, just don’t start it with wasting that Christmas money on a quick fix, not knowing your destination, not being prepared to put in the work or ready to make change.


Find a tribe, find your why, do the work, be the best version of you.


Make 2020 your year.