November 13

The ‘Fattening Foods’ Myth

Afraid there is no such thing as ‘fattening foods’

However, there are not any truly ‘fattening’ foods either.

There are however foods that are more nutritionally dense and support our body’s recovery and health better than others. Some foods keep us feeling fuller than others, but no one food alone will make us fat – unless we eat too much of them.

For example, carbohydrates do not directly make you fat. Fats do not make you fat, and sugar alone does not make you fat, within a calorie surplus.

For a type of food to be fattening, it would have to be enough to cause our body to store fat. This is not to say that food choices are irrelevant, it simply highlights that our calorie ratio is the most important factor for fat loss success.

With that in mind, we recommend our clients choose foods and mealtime schedules that support their goals and help them stay adherent over the long term.

This means focusing on eating a whole variety of whole foods, ensuring plenty of lean protein, healthy fats and a range of vegetables.

These types of foods will make sure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs to operate efficiently and support internal health and fat loss goals.

So instead of worrying about ‘fat loss foods” make sure you tick all the important boxes to achieve your fitness goal:

1. Finding your calorie deficit and sticking to it over a sustained period of time

2. Nutrient-dense natural foods

3. Increasing daily movement

4. Resistance training

5. Manage stress and aim for quality sleep

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Coach Paul,



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