June 20

Is Getting in Shape Actually Your Priority?


After speaking to somebody over the phone this week, a middle-aged man who mentioned he’d had prioritized his business and career over everything else in the past couple years without paying much attention to eating healthy, exercising and spending quality time with his family. Everything depended on his business and it could never wait. Before he’d know it he had gained 20 pounds and he says his relationship was nearly in shambles over the course of three years. He now says he ‘needs’ to place his health, fitness and leisure higher on his priority list than he used to.


Getting in shape and improving health for many people is something they hope will happen from going to the gym and eating “healthier”. There are others who know that to achieve a lean, stronger body they will have to make sacrifices, and they’ll have to make it a priority in their life.


If you take a moment to think back about the amount of times you might have tried to get in shape. We can bet that you have tried to fit it in, and all too often you’ve lost focus and quit before you’ve seen any kind of real results as it’s not been a priority!


When we talk about getting in shape, I’m not talking about going to to the gym to lose a couple pounds because you have a summer holiday coming up. I’m talking about the people who say they really want to lose excess body fat, improve their health and quality of life. They say they want those things, but they’re just not prepared to place it right up there as a higher priority.


Most people have about 4 main priorities. Family (including children), work, relationships, hobbies and friends (social life). These are always going to be in front of anything else, unless you change the order.


You plan to go to the gym after work and a colleague or friend calls to invite you for a drink or two. Your top 4 priority list doesn’t include going to the gym, so you go for a drink. On the other hand, what if you had changing your body shape as either the top or second priority in your life? Do you think you’ll be more likely to Not skip that workout?


By arrange your priority list and managing your diary, you will find sticking to your goal so much easier. If children are always number one, then of course you will think of them first. But exercise and health can be second on the list, and you can fit it in whenever you’ve done with your children. Everyone around you will benefit from a better, healthier version of you anyway.


We always sit down with my clients and review their priority list. If we need to move things around, we do. If you haven’t assessed your own priority list, take a few minutes to do so. If you can’t place training and health right up there in the top 3, you will struggle to ever see the results you’re hoping for.


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