March 20

Getting beach abs ready by the summer

Summer is around the corner and everyone wants that chiselled torso when they take their top off, which of course includes a flat stomach and toned abs. A lot of guys (wrongly) assume that to achieve a great stomach they have to do hundreds of situps. The truth contrary to what we see in the magazines, its only part of the equation. Having a lean stomach or great looking-abs takes time, a consistent training plan, individualised calorie control (I don’t mean crash diets) and plenty of water.


A great set of abs begin first and foremost in the kitchen. It’s helpful to reduce fried foods, sugars, refined and processed foods that are not so nutritious and carry a high calorie content. That means filling your plate with lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, wholegrain rice, sweet potato and drinking lots of water.


Another key to having a lean physique and showing stomach muscles is expending more calories. A good way to do this without comprising your nutrition and health is to supplement your training routine with light to medium cardio. This way your body is burning more calories, so you can achieve more results in a shorter period of time. For example, types of cardio that won’t lead you to over-train are cycling, walking, intervals and swimming.


For beach ready abs I recommend full-body-workouts, we include full-body-workouts on our small group training programmes and is shown to be one of our most popular. They’re static and perfect for beginners – they’ll build up strength in your core before moving on to more advanced exercise.


1. Static Abdominal Crunch

Opposite arm to opposite leg whilst the standing leg is bent

Try holding for a split second and slowly back for each rep. Start with eight each leg and build on it


2. Static Plank

  • Keep belly button pulled toward spine the entire time
  • Try holding for 30 seconds and slowly increase time for each side


3. Static Isolated Crunches

  • This exercise is to be done in 2 segments. Keep belly button pulled toward spine the entire time.
  • Crunch and squeeze and start with three-sets of ten
  • After the 20 seconds, go slightly higher and go for it again


4. Static V-Sit

  • Keep belly button pulled toward spine the entire time
  • Create a V with your body using your arms and legs
  • Push towards your toes for 12 reps without swinging from your back


More tips for carving a beach-ready six-pack

1. Perform cardio as often as you can, ideally 3-4 days per week

2. Drink lots of water

3. If you eating fried foods opt for a light drizzle or spray

4. Reduce intake

5. Eat lots of veggies

6. Eat lots of lean protein

7. Full-body workouts (this includes abdominal exercises)

8. Keep a good posture


Have a great week,

Coach Paul, Lean Body Training, Finchley



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