November 15

Get Lean While Injured

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For most people an injury means skipping the gym for months at a time. Sometimes, they even retire their gym bag for good.
But there’s good news: there are ways to work around an injury and build the body you want. This post will show you how.

Here are 5 tips on how to sustain weight and strength whilst injured.

1. Focus on strength training and setting goals

Focus on the areas you can train on without feeling any pain. This could be abs and arms or the other way round- lower body. Set specific goals to maintain this commitment until you return to full mobility. For example, hit a specific amount of pull-ups or squats. The strength training you do instead of doing nothing pays off post-injury by maintaining a level of endurance, strength and habit.

2. Make sure to eat well

Surprisingly, injuries can cause you to burn more calories. Your body is using energy to heal itself- and crutches can be a cardio and strength workout in themselves. Up your quality food content instead of eating less through the stress of the injury or indulging in ‘comfort foods’. Stick to foods like lean meats, grains, sweet potatoes and vegetables which have optimal amounts of macro nutrients, vitamins and minerals to boost strength and recovery.

3. Sleep well!

Use your extra downtime to sleep. Sleeping a proper amount curbs cravings, reduces stress and in turn prevents fat gain. For more on how sleeping well plays an important part in keeping lean see here: 5 Fundamentals of Losing Fat That You Need To Understand

4. Stretch out

Stretching at home, with a therapist or in a yoga class will help you realise what you can and can’t stretch. Stretching will stop you from feeling stiff and help keep your joints and muscles feeling looser and more mobile. Similar to strength training, stretching will positively impact your training form when you’re back on your feet.

5. Look at the positives

Obviously when you’re sitting out, your fitness levels take a dip. You may not come back and hit all the numbers or intensity that you were getting before, but that’s all part of the building process. Take this as an opportunity to rest and give your body a break.

Hope this helps,

Till next time,

Coach Paul


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