April 19

Get Fit, Toned and Confident!

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With all the articles and diet fads out there it’s sometimes hard to know what really removes unwanted fat and helps to get you toned. Below I’ll explain the approach and attitude you need to take the first steps to feeling fit, toned and confident!
If you’re new to exercise, or just can’t get into a regular routine, start with what you enjoy whether it’s a particular workout, a sport or just a brisk walk. This way you’re more likely to stick to and sustain for the long term, increasing your chances of success.

Secondly look at your eating habits and I don’t mean falling for the latest diet ‘fads’!

Start by eating 3 times a day with a few hours gap in between and then once you’ve established that into your daily routine without ‘grazing’ as the day goes by, then start looking at the amounts and the quality of the food itself!

Set yourself time frames on when you’re mentally ready to further improve your nutrition. Take small steps and make sure you get to each base successfully and you’ll raise your chances of getting the body you want, keeping it and feeling good about yourself!

According to Jordan Metzl, a sports-medicine physician at New York City’s Hospital for Special Surgery and author of The Exercise Cure:

“Exercise is the best preventive drug we have, and everybody needs to take that medicine.”

So not only are your new goals going to get you to look and feel better on the outside, they’re going to keep your insides toned and healthy too!

So to clarify, stick to your meal times- small to medium sized portions- the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats and you’re on your way.

Stay tuned for a balanced nutrition plan, to start your journey to healthy eating!

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