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Eating Healthy Compared To Eating For Fat Loss

Eating Healthy compared to eating for fat loss

“I eat healthy foods so why am I not losing any weight?” Sounding familiar?

You decide it’s time to start getting into shape, so you get a gym membership, stop shopping for so-called “unhealthy foods”, and start buying more of what you think are the right foods to help you lose fat and tone-up. Usually, I’m not wrong when I guess the type of foods that fills this new shopping basket? Brown pasta, fruits, low-fat yogurt, coconut oil, brown rice, chicken, vegetables and maybe some fish. This all reads healthy, right? So why is it when you start combining these type of foods, you start to drop initial weight and then you hit a plateau?

This is where healthy eating and fat loss eating becomes hard to understand for some when trying to change your body shape.

The difference is to an extent the amount and combinations of certain foods. A major reason for excess body fat around the midsection is poorly measured fat and carbohydrate-rich foods (pastas, bread, cheese, oils etc.) sure you can still increase weight consuming foods high in proteins still, unluckily however though to devouring a huge plate of chicken or eggs three times a day! So we should place more emphasis on foods (and drink) where more prone and likely to ‘overindulge’ in amounts which and quickly rack up your daily calorie allowance such as pastas, alcoholic drinks, other carbohydrates and deserts rich in calories.

Below are some of my top tips to help you turn your healthy diet, into a fat loss diet.

1. Start your morning meal with protein. What you eat first thing in the morning dictates what you eat for the rest of the day. Choose a breakfast around a lean protein sources eg: eggs or lean meat.

2. Keep your meals leading up to your workout free from starchy carbs (rice, pasta, potatoes etc). Every meal should contain a portion of lean protein, salads/vegetables and a portion of essential fats (oils, avocado, nuts etc.).

3. Keep your carbs controlled, not to say cut them out completely but keep them to the window of opportunity. An example of this would be to finish your workout and have some baby potatoes or a sweet potato with your meal. If you choose to have some carbs after your workout, remember you must earn them so train hard.

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