April 4

Eating healthy, 4 ways to stay on track


As people, we thrive when we have structure and daily routine. When our routine changes, it can take some time to adapt back into a momentum that worked for us before.

For a lot of people, this will be a very hard time to adapt due to the curveball we have been thrown in this moment of time. Whether we realize it or not, our diets and eating habits will change along with us.

Many factors influence our eating choices; from our home surroundings, the amount of sleep we get, change in our body-clocks and especially levels of boredom.

Here are some ways that can help take back control over our nutrition habits during this lockdown situation that we’re in.


Quality sleep should remain constant where possible. If you maintain good quality sleep, your body will have improved it’s decision making process, control of hormonal levels, control of blood sugar levels, sustained energy levels and more.  Try having a set sleep and waking up time even on the weekends.

Timing of meals

This can be valuable when trying to keep a structure to your days. It doesn’t matter how many you decide or setting of particular times, but try to have some some rounded times to aim for to prevent endless grazing and consumption throughout the day. Try planning 3 meals and 2 snacks between the meals, and adapt eventually to works best with your appetite.

Keep occupied

Keeping busy when you are off work for the foreseeable future so eating through boredom is something you don’t develop. There’s nothing mindful about eating when you’ve got nothing else to do and find yourself heading to the fridge all the time! This can also develop a poor relationship around food. A great way to avoid this is to drink water frequently and staying busy. Give yourself daily tasks to accomplish for the day whether that’s work, hobbies, cleaning, exercise, reading or otherwise. It’ll be a way of keeping your mind busy and away from the thoughts of what’s in the fridge!


Try implementing these simple tips into your daily life during this time, and don’t let your situation dictate your nutrition habits.




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