June 7

Changing Your Body Shape, and How Changing Your Mindset Will Help

It can be easy to stick to something when you have passion for it. We understand that if you can stick to something long enough you can really achieve great results (if you’ve clearly decided that is what you actually want).


In many cases, getting in shape isn’t everyone’s passion, it’s a short term goal that would be ‘nice’ to have, and not something that many people give great thought to.


Now this short term goal is something that could turn into a passion later on, we see this happen very often. Often people think they’ve got to plan way ahead in the results they first set out on achieving ie making changes to their body shape.


We can’t guarantee that many people who have gotten into shape (and find it easy staying in shape), at some point simply decided to start healthier earlier, and started by taking out a gym membership, before it escalated into something that became an important part of their life.


Many people before seeing us had dipped in and out of shape, for months, if not years, before it finally becomes something that gets a lot easier to manage in their lifestyle.


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It can be easy at the beginning for so many to overlook the fact that getting in shape is all about change, it’s all about adapting your lifestyle, surroundings, support group, daily habits and being aware.


We spend so much of our time helping people when they find themselves dipping back into old habits. This can happen and inevitable when you are working with people who are trying to change.


The point of this blog, is not to focus too much on the outcome right at the beginning. Just getting started and surround yourself with people who are going through, or have been through the change that you want to become. Learn in bite-sizes, don’t get frustrated, enjoy and embrace the process, and before long it’ll become a huge part of part of your life.


If you focus too much on the future at the beginning, it becomes way too daunting, and you often pull out at some of the first obstacles that lie ahead.


Enjoy the journey, it can be truly life changing.

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