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Changing Lifestyle Habits To Help You Lose Fat

Changing Lifestyle Habits To Help You Lose Fat

One of the most overlooked ways to lose excess body fat is the ability to change your daily habits into those that are conducive with fat loss.

People often fail to succeed at fat loss for a very simple reason, they take on way too much in one go. Now, this isn’t to say that certain people can’t take in a lot of information and make it work very well, but there are a large proportion of people that can’t. They fail to realise that their lifestyle and new changes aren’t necessarily ready for it all yet!

We get to see so many people that say they’ve tried this thing and that way to change the way they look. They’ve tried every diet going, every online program under the sun and they’re still nowhere nearer to the change that they want. We’ve seen people that have hired trainer after trainer, tried gym after gym in search of the “special way” that has the answer.  One thing in common with all of these people is their inability to continue with anything they’ve actually tried to stick!

We all live our lives by habits and routines, but they’re not necessarily the ones that are going to get you in the best shape you want and a healthier quality of life.

Defining Habit

A habit is defined as a consistent pattern of behaviour that often occurs automatically.

You don’t realise it but your current habits away from going to the gym or working with a trainer are the very ones that are stopping you get in shape. There’s more to fat loss than just joining a gym and following a program, you have to take accountability for what you’re trying to achieve.

So here are a few of the classic habits that people do every day:

1. Get up late for work or just in time for work

2. Go for a drink in the evening after work which ends up in a takeaway

3. Having someone book your appointments all day that leaves you no time from the minute you get into the minute you leave work and not leaving you control of your day

4. Staying up late at night watching television or on social media

5. Buying food on the go every day

These are not the habits that someone would follow if they wanted to be in shape and stay in shape.

So how could you change these around slightly to make them more like habits of someone who wanted to be in great shape and feel healthier, and what benefit would it be to you?

1. Getting up 1 hour earlier

This would mean that you would have time to prepare healthy food before work or complete a training session

2. Get a training partner and arrange to train in the evening.

This would keep you away from spending too much time in a social environment where everyone is drinking and snacking on high-calorie foods. You would also be spending more time with someone with similar habits to you

3. Take ownership of your own diary

When you take ownership of your own diary and block out times when you want to train or eat, you will always have time for you and your health.

4. Set a time to go to bed by, say 10pm every night

By going to bed at the same earlier time every night you will find it so much easier to wake up and you will also have a lot more energy to train the next day

5. Take your meals with you to work to avoid going to buy sandwiches and crisps

When you have your food with you for the day, you will not be hungry and therefore avoid heading to the sandwich shop.

Habits have a knock-on effect with each other and become a lot easier with time. For example, getting up earlier will make sure you prepare your food, you’ll then not snack on poor choices at work. If you decide to go for a workout, phone and email distractions are a lot less frequent before work hours so this can be your time to focus on You.

Remember that hitting targets is a huge part of fat loss. Every habit you successfully integrate into your life is a goal reached and becomes less effort with time. This a huge motivational tool to go alongside your body fat measurements, how clothes fit and weight record.

Top Tip on How To Change Your Habits

To avoid taking on too much at once, pick one habit at a time from the list above and integrate it for at least three weeks. In a book called Switch by Chip Heath and Dan Heath, the authors state that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. We use this technique time and time again with great success. You’ll be amazed at how well it works. Don’t introduce a new habit until the first one you set to work on is fixed firmly in place.

Try these lifestyle habits and let us know how you get on.






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