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Can You Really Transform Your Body?

Can You Really Transform Your Body

There’s not a day that goes by, where we don’t get the chance to speak to someone who’s working through their own health and fitness journey. It’s a privilege to listen to each person’s story and find out what or who inspired them to get started.

Every client we work with teaches us a little bit more about how people operate both physically and mentally.

A transformation journey isn’t for everyone, my team and I are always realistic when we talk about potential time frames. Having worked in the field of physique development with many clients and myself for almost 10 years now, we can tell very quickly if someone will do very well, or if they’re, in fact, not ready for what lies ahead. With the Internet littered full of claims and results daily, it’s very easy to convince yourself that you’re ready.

Liking the pictures, and then appreciating and understanding the hard work, are two completely different things.

We run a business that relies on achieving results and extremely good ones at that. So when someone says they’d be glad to be a transformation on our website, we want to make sure they’re going to see it right through to the end, and understand how long this can take. There is a huge amount of work put into helping someone completely transform his or her body.

It’s not just programme writing and going on a diet, we very often work with our clients at a psychological level. You can’t expect to go from a completely out of shape party person, to a lean mean fighting machine and stay exactly the same. There’s going to be lifestyle and psychological factors to face up to, and these can take some time and lifestyle changes to adapt to.

“To change one big thing, you have to change many smaller things”

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You won’t find many more honest coaches than me when it comes to consultation. I tell our clients how it is from day one, and I tell them what to expect along the way. I do this to watch for the reaction, does it scare them or does it make them sit up with excitement? You can be excited but nervous, that’s completely fine. But nervous, scared and doubting yourself from day one, isn’t a great combination to be starting with. I don’t expect our clients to be able to picture the final result, that’s our job. So as long as we have their full trust, they know they’re going to look and feel way better than what they ever imagined.

I run a business based on results, and that’s it. When someone asks me if results are really possible, I just reply with “that’s completely up to you”. It’s never us that’s going to fail you, it’s only going to be down to you. So if you’re considering your very own transformation and lifestyle change, take yourself through the list below and see if you’re really ready.


I see mindset as the most important factor behind a successful fitness journey. Some transformations can take as little as 12 weeks, others can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.  You need to be prepared and strong enough to deal with the psychological issues that will face you along the way. Having taken many people through this journey, I always know who will do well. It takes someone who backs themselves and someone who wants to achieve more than anything else. It takes the type of person who is excited by challenges, accepts that there will be some bad days and won’t quit. It takes the type of person who isn’t scared to look deep inside. Someone who isn’t frightened to acknowledge areas that need to change and seek professional help.

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Who are you doing it for? 

If I had a pound for the amount of people who have admitted to me, that they’re starting at the gym for someone else. You won’t ever succeed if you’re getting in shape to make someone else happy!

This journey needs to be yours and no one else’s. Each time you see your results, you want to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and acknowledge your success. People who train to make others happy often resent their results and are usually the ones who cheat on a regular basis. After all, why would you diet, train hard, and bust your ass in the gym if the results are all for someone else.

Knowing the right way to train?

There is the way you might want to train, and then there is the way that you need to train. When you talk to me about getting leaner, you’ll hear me talk about the word physique. I have complete respect for large people who have committed themselves to a huge amount of weight loss, but a true transformation in my eyes is when there is a lean, strong physique at the end of it. I don’t necessarily mean six pack abs, but I like to see that thought has gone into the persons programming. Have they actually gained lean muscle tissue throughout the whole process?

We often get enquiries from people asking if we can write them a diet plan and they’ll do all their own training and supplementation. Transformations don’t work this way!! The whole journey is designed, thought out and delivered regularly. Asking a coach to do this is like asking for the recipe of a cake, and then using only half of the ingredients on the list!

Be prepared to go outside of your comfort zone

I’m never one to hold back when it comes to the training part of a transformation. I train regularly, my team train hard, and we expect our clients to be pushed outside their comfort zones. Now there is professionally coaching someone hard, and then there is training someone like an idiot. Training a complete beginner to failure and adding in a triple drop set on the leg press is not clever.

Teaching someone how to push that little bit harder each and every week is professional coaching. Teaching someone how to connect with certain muscles particularly so they get the most out of every session is smart, allowing them to just rep out without any coaching is just stupid. Most people will always train inside their comfort zone, it’s where they’re used to being and that’s where they’ll try and stay. You have to be prepared to turn up to a training session and dig deep inside, you have to learn to train a bit harder than you’ve done before.

As a coach, I see it as a huge privilege to be able to help someone through their fat loss journey. We take huge pride in our work and the amount of detail that goes into each and every project. Therefore it’s very important that each and every client is ready for what lays ahead of them.

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