August 28

Balancing your social life with your fitness goals

Keeping a social life can be tough when you’re trying to stay on track with your health and fitness targets. There’s tempting beverages, tasty desserts and gatherings which sometimes can make our diets derail and make it harder to stay consistent in the gym. This can be a very conflicting situation to be tied too, we know because we’ve also been there!

So here are some popular tips to effectively balance health, physical and social life:

1. Increase intensity on the weeks that fit with your goals

 There will be some weeks where your schedule and motivation becomes a lot more aligned to where its easier to remain consistent with nutrition and training. It could be where your friends/ colleagues are busy, and work is quiet, therefore distractions are less and exercise can increase. Double down on weeks like this.

Other weeks, it’s your other half’s cousins wedding and your boss has dumped a huge workload on your desk to be completed by the end of the week. Sometimes accepting maintenance levels on a week like this is better than unrealistically trying to achieve what your usually used to doing and failing.

Remember, set yourself up for success and maintenance is not stepping backwards!

2. The right environment always trumps willpower

We have limited spurts of willpower. Some people have more for longer, and others have less.

Regardless, either way, yours will run out, therefore it’s important to position yourself in surroundings that are most conducive to your goals. This way your not always solely relying on willpower.

Don’t be afraid to ask peers and family for support in your dietary choices. The people that surround us have a large (whether conscious or unconscious) impact on our decisions and thoughts, whether we like it or not. If you constantly try to isolate yourself in your journey, its more likely to be short-lived and difficult to sustain long-term.

3. Make your journey flexible

This is an important one to keep in mind when going into any dieting phase.

Most people head into their physical endeavours with a false impression that they constantly need to progress.

The reality is that you don’t really need to put so much pressure on yourself. Have an idea of times when you want to push harder and other times when you’re going to maintain.

It sounds simple but the reality of these small things add up and are the difference between struggle or success for many.

So heading into Autumn ask yourself these things:

  1. What would an ideal week look like to push hard?
  2. Who, or what have a got to support me on my journey?
  3. What times of year might it be better to maintain?

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