September 11

6 ways to stay lean on the go

Berries-6 Ways to stay lean on the go

A lot of us live sedentary lives on a daily basis. We sit in the office. We sit in the car. On the train, surfing the internet or watching TV.

No wonder so many of us are constantly fighting the battle against staying lean!

1. Plan your meals

Food preparation is key when leaning down and good organisation in the kitchen is essential to burning fat and getting into the shape you want.

Start ditching those ready made sandwiches, noodle pots and meal deals, as they don’t make lean bodies. Home prepared meals made from single-ingredient foods high in protein and healthy fats do.

2. Prioritize resistance training

Muscle tissue burns calories- the more muscle you carry, the more calories you burn. Simple as that. So if you want to burn fat and stay lean, you have to include consistent weight training workouts. Examples of equipment you can use:

  • Kettlebells
  • Dumbbells
  • Barbells
  • Body weight exercises

3. Drink more water

We all know we should be drinking more water, bit it really is one of the easy wins for a healthier and leaner body. When you consume enough water for your body, it functions more efficiently including; improved digestion and increased fat metabolism.

I try to carry a bottle of water with me wherever I go as a reminder to keep hydrated. Avoid drinks that are full of sugar, as this quickly increases your calorie intake without even noticing.

4. Avoid skipping meals

Avoid missing meals and taking long gaps without any food or water. Even when you haven’t prepped any meals for the day, always aim on eating the big three and maybe a couple of small snacks in-between.

water drink fresh lemons-6 Ways to stay lean on the go

Eating plenty of single-ingredient nutritious food will keep your body fuelled throughout the day and will also help from binging on foods high in fats and sugars. For more information on why skipping meals can have a negative effect on your body see here

5. Get serious about sleep

When you sleep is when your body recovers most and releases hormones to help you repair muscle and burn fat. If you don’t get enough sleep you’re robbing your body of repair and stopping it from functioning at its best. And yes this will affect fat loss.

Lack of sleep can also cause carb cravings. So if you keep craving junk foods, focus on getting enough zzzz’s.

6. Don’t go hard on yourself

If you do have a bad day on the food and/or alcohol front, don’t worry about it too much. It happens to all of us. Just get back on track tomorrow and go again. Smash a workout, plan your meals and get back in control!

I hope this helps you reach your health and fat loss goals!

To your success,

Coach Paul and team

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