February 16

6 Ways To Keep Your Fitness Goals On Track In February (and The Rest Of The Year)

6 Ways To Keep Your Fitness Goals On Track In February (and The Rest Of The Year)

There’s no secret January is a popular time for people to start a new exercise regime. The new year is a great time to start fresh, and society makes it pretty easy to stay on track this month with all the information out there. Many gyms are promoting membership deals for people to sign up, fitness studios offering class and session packages and a handful of fitness, diet and nutrition plans are abundant.

But what happens after January? A whopping percentage of people fail on their resolutions by mid-February. If you find yourself lacking motivation to maintain healthy habits and your interest in the gym is declining, you’re not alone. Try some of these tips and methods to keep your exercise goals on track in February and beyond.

1. Do something you actually like

Sounds simple, right?

It should be. If you dread your workout, there’s no way you’re going to sustain it within your routine. Instead choose something you actually like doing or at least something you can see yourself doing long term. Researchers have found that turning exercise into a habit will highly increase the chances of you getting out the door for a training session. Otherwise, if your workout just feels like something you have to get over with, you’ll spend every day trying to convince yourself to do it.

Pick something you enjoy and you’ll be instantly motivated, even when its cold out.

2. Include your workouts in the diary

Think of your fitness as a you would like an important job task – if you have a meeting, you put it in your diary and block-out that time slot. Same should go for your workouts. One hour on your exercise days (include travel time) and don’t let any distractions find their way in. Put your fitness into your schedule, before the beginning of every week schedule in your sessions from Monday to Friday, you’ll be expected to show up because its part of your routine.

3. Grab some new workout gear

Not just for training outside. Even if you’re in the gym, invest in some new workout gear, this can really help with your motivation. This will also keep you warm when you venture out, some areas get slippery with snow and ice, so be sure to wear footwear with a grippy bottom.

4. Plan your workouts before you start

Whether you enjoy group fitness or personal training sessions, plan and have them booked in advance. Claim your spot as soon as you can and remember to put it in your calender. Booking in advance will make you more accountable to actually go because you’ll have planned for days or weeks and you may have a financial commitment too. Let’s be honest – no one wants to incur a late fee.

This also applies to solo sessions. If you have a plan when you walk into the gym (e.g. 3 Km on the treadmill and 3 exercises on lower body), you’ll be much less likely to wander around wasting time that you could be blasting your workout.

5. Keep it lean and healthy

You’ve heard it over and over again, but once more wont hurt. You’re not going to get as much out of your workouts if you’re not fuelling your body properly. Treating yourself is a must, but an overload in foods high in bad fats and sugar won’t get you anywhere you want to be (unless you want to feel tired and groggy). By eating a healthy diet balanced in macro nutrients, you’ll feel energized and ready to take on your workouts whatever the time of day is.

6. Book a holiday at the beginning of Spring

Instead of waiting for the weather to start getting warmer before you start hitting the weights room, have a trip booked as a motivation to keep you in shape until you go, especially if its somewhere wearing your trunks. Knowing that there’s a specific time in the foreseeable future when you’re going to be poolside can be all the motivation you need to hit the gym.


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