5 Things Healthy People Do Every Morning

Creating balance between family, work and health can feel like a never- ending juggle but life is about finding balance, and each morning can be a fresh start.
Below are five habits that set healthy folks up for success. Try incorporating these into your morning routine to make the rest of the day feel less chaotic.

1. They Eat Fibre & Protein At Breakfast

You may already be eating the most important meal of the day, but is it optimally fuelling your body? Simply having a slice of toast or bowl of cereal may not be the best choice. A balanced breakfast consists of protein, fibre and healthy fats to keep you satisfied and prevent cravings later-on.

2. They Hydrate

Drink a large glass of water before reaching for that cup of coffee or tea. While caffeine can help boost your workout, drinking water is a healthy first step because the body gets dehydrated overnight. And good hydration is crucial for glowing skin and maintaining healthy muscles and joints. Fill up your water bottle for the day and set an intention to sip regularly.

3. They Workout In The Morning

Too tired to make it to the gym after work? Many people find they’re most successful with exercising if it happens before heading to the office. If doing HIIT or going for a run in the morning isn’t for you, find another way to get moving in the early hours of the day. That could mean going cycling, taking the stairs or going on a quick walk with your dog. Just 15 minutes of consistent moderate-to-intense activity can help you reach your wellness goals.

4. They Rest

It’s important to ensure you’re getting enough sleep but don’t forget to factor in how much time you need to accomplish your morning routine without feeling frazzled. Include a few minutes to relax — enjoy your coffee, eat breakfast, mediate or take a walk. Set yourself up for success before you go to bed by allowing for some rest time every morning.

5. They Block Time Out In Their Day

Whether it’s emails or social media, there are plenty of distractions that can be roadblocks to getting everything done. That’s why time blocking is a great tool. Review your top to-dos, and set aside a specific amount of time for completing them. Make sure your health priorities (such as exercise and preparing health meals) are in the plan, too.

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