January 28

5 Reasons You Can’t See Your Six Pack

5 Reasons You Can’t See Your Six Pack

Going hardcore on your abs but still not seeing results? Here’s why


You’re not working the rectus abdominus 

One of the more damaging myths of the modern gym locker room is that you don’t need to dedicate time for ab isolation exercises. It’s true that big compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts do work your core, but research suggests there is very little activation in the rectus abdominus (the six-pack muscles). To focus on the bodies midriff you’re after, include core exercises such as flat leg raises and rotation movements such as Russian Twists.

Your body fat is too high 

You can hit your core muscles constantly and build a solid wall of abs, but unless you’ve chiselled away all the flab from your stomach no one’s going to know. Generally, we find if your body fat isn’t around 10-12% mark your abs won’t show. For a simple fat hack, accompany every meal with a high source of protein and more veggies. Here are some more ways to lose your love handles: 6 ways to help you lose belly fat

You need to mix up your moves

Your body is smarter than you unless you periodically change the methods you use to assault your core, the muscles will adapt to training and stop growing. There are three main types of core movements which effectively work your abs: flexion and extension move like rotation exercises, static full-range-motion contraction moves like a plank, lying or hanging leg raises. The best ab workouts will include exercises from every movement type.

You haven’t honed your diet properly

The saying “abs are built in the kitchen” and not the gym may be a little exaggerated, but that doesn’t make it less true. In the quest to build a toned core, consistently focusing on healthier eating habits and a balanced calorie deficit is crucial. Follow these tips and you won’t go far wrong: How to ease of hunger when you’re trying to lose weight

You’re not getting enough rest time

The often-ignored third element in the six-pack and muscle recovery equation is sleep. It’s when you’re sleeping-sound that most muscle is built: your growth hormone levels are elevated throughout the night. What’s more, fail to get enough shuteye and the stress hormone cortisol floods your system, encouraging your body to store fat around your midriff and putting the brakes on your progression.




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