June 20

4 ways to keep on track with your nutrition

People thrive off structure and routine. When our structure changes, it can take some time to adapt back to the routine which used to work for us. For a lot of people this past year it has been a real struggle due to the curveball life has thrown at us, and whether we realise it or not, our eating habits will be changing along with us.


Many factors come into play which influences our decisions around nutrition, from our surrounding environment to our quality of sleep and the daily stresses being placed on us.

Here are some ways that can help you stay on track with your nutrition:



 Quality sleep patterns should remain constant when possible. If you maintain good quality sleep cycles, your body will have an improved ability to make decisions, controlling of blood sugar levels, food digestion, sustained energy levels and much more. Try having a set sleeping and waking up time, regardless of working from home, weekends, or not working.


Number and timing of meals

 This can be valuable when trying include the structure in your days. It doesn’t’ matter how many you decide or what particular times but try to have some ball-park times to aim for as a general guideline to reduce endless grazing throughout the day. Try including 3 meals and 1-2 snacks to start with in- between meal times to start with, and tweak as you go to find what works best with your appetite.


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 Hydration can be one of the biggest challenges for most individuals when they’re going about their day, habits seem to go out the window once there is a change of circumstances and events in our day. Try to consume an adequate amount of water in the morning, either upon first waking up or after your breakfast so you are not playing catch up for the rest of the day. Have a large bottle with you in sight throughout the day so you are always reminded.


Keep busy

Try keeping busy if you are off work. Boredom eating is very common and not a habit you want to develop – there is nothing mindful about eating when there is nothing else to do and can develop an unwanted relationship with food. A great way to avoid this happening is simply to keep busy. Give yourself daily tasks to accomplish, keeping your mind distracted. It’ll be a way of keeping your mind busy and away from the thoughts of what’s in the fridge!



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