May 22

4 Ways To Build Muscle

There are many guys we speak to, who when come to see us have issues building lean muscle. No matter how much they go to the gym they still seem to struggle to add the muscle they’re looking for.

If this sounds like something you’re experiencing? Have you questioned the reasons that might be behind this?

Here are some things to think about:

1. Frequency of training

It is very common that most people limit training certain muscle groups to once a week. Increasing training frequency to one extra session per muscle group that you want to develop can make a difference in those lagging body parts.

So for instance, if you trained your deltoid/ shoulder muscles once per week then increase the volume on that area to twice per week.


2. Eating what’s needed to stimulate muscle tissue growth and recovery

Most people training to build muscle eat way too little to even support muscle tissue growth. To start with try increasing your daily calorie intake by just 10-15% and your lean protein figure to 1.5 grams per kilogram of body weight and you’ll have a ballpark figure for muscle development.

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3. Vary your workouts

Many guys stick to the same exercise programme over a long period of time. Some often fail to contract-their muscles during each repetition, they never increase the load in the areas they’re lagging in. As a result, their muscles get used to the same movements and begin to respond less. Vary your exercises, even slightly, and hit your muscles from various angles throughout your programme.


4. Isolating muscles

Some people stick to the big compound exercises that their familiar with (bicep curls, bench press, deadlifts, rows), in the hope that all muscles will grow at the same rate. Unfortunately what can happen is that overdeveloped dominant muscles often take over the exercise, and lagging muscles receive less stimulation.


To really improve a muscle group, you have to add a lot of focus and attention to it to stimulate further growth. If for example, you want your arms to grow, train them in isolation, biceps and triceps. Most people will not see arm development by just doing chin-ups or press-ups alone.


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