With work, family, keeping up with social commitments all bidding for our time, it’s common for people’s fitness goals to fall down the back of their to-do list. It can be tough to stay motivated when a packed schedule puts us under pressure and leaving us pushed for time, but being busy doesn’t mean you have to shelve your health and fitness goals. Making time to work on your fitness is finding a time that works best for you – whatever the time is – and giving this as much importance as any other commitments in your schedule. Our client Marc is very similar to a lot of the clients that we coach at Lean Body as he has a very busy job, 56 years of age and a family. In the past, he barely had any time for committing to exercise and admitted that there was very little structure to his nutrition and exercise. He was also keen to improve his posture as sitting and driving and from the office Lean Body Coach Paul said “Marc also struggled with lower back and shoulder stiffness that restricted some movement in the past. It meant that we were very limited in terms of exercises for a period of his programme. Like many people, being busy and suffering from old injuries is a perfect reason to hold off training. However, Marc committed to some changes in his lifestyle, without having to cut out his favourite foods and worked his way through the training programmes. In a very short space of time, he saw dramatic changes to the function of his back, and body fat started to drop at a quick pace. Here you can see Marc’s progress photo's and read his comments Both of these changes were exactly what Marc needed to see, as they were two key areas that he hadn’t seen any improvements in a long time. In nearly all cases, all it takes is a level of commitment to get you past stage one – that important stage when you start to see changes. These alone are so motivational, and will carry you forward.” At this stage, Marc has already lost over 8% body fat. Well done Marc and the coaches for some very impressive results. Good luck Marc as you continue on your journey. To find out how our clients are losing their first 10lbs read our Transformation Ebook For Busy Men