April 5

“What do your clients eat to lose weight?”

We receive many messages from people asking for what type of workouts and diet planning our clients follow when we get them in shape. They usually get confused when we say “it really does depend”, or we give them a guideline initially, but nothing too specific.


Many inexperienced personal trainers may simply send out a generic diet plan when asked for advice, but this isn’t necessarily always sustainable or matches the client’s lifestyle.


Remember, for the best results, you must have a nutrition plan that has been designed specifically for you. Fat loss is specific, it’s dependant on many factors for each person.


One thing we coach everyone that we work with is how to listen to their body. Do they feel better on certain foods, what time of the day can they realistically make time for their workouts, how many times can they workout to mention a few.


Personally, I like to balance the client’s fats, protein and carbs within their diet. After watching how my clients respond, I might get them following higher calorie days than others. By manipulating macronutrients, you can also see if your body looks better after carb-based days, or if it looks better when using a day more prominent when consuming more fatty foods.


Normally, I do have a style of nutrition and nutrient timing that I know works pretty well for optimising most peoples body composition progress, but I’m also very happy to switch it around if my clients are struggling to follow it or responding. By responding, I mean if I don’t see the changes that I’m expecting to see, either on the scales, or how they’re telling me how their clothes are fitting.


As I’m writing articles on the website to a mixture of inexperienced and more experienced people, please acknowledge which bracket you fall into. For the purpose of this blog, I’m referring to more advanced fat loss strategies.


Many of you reading this could simply start getting into shape, by tidying up your diet and by moving a bit more alone, it’s pretty simple, and so many of you over complicate things right at the beginning.


So when it comes to more advanced fat loss methods, it really isn’t as simple as sending someone a diet, or a nutrition plan that we’ve created for other successful clients, we’ve in many cases tweaked their diet overtime to insure further progress and ended up with a formula that works for them.


Pay attention to how your body responds to certain foods and eating patterns, start off with a set of guidelines, and don’t be afraid to mix things up as you begin to see your body responding negatively or positively.

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