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Transforming Your Body During Lockdown

At Lean Body Training, we have a reputation locally for helping our clients achieve body transformations they never thought were possible. This isn’t simply a case of going on a very low-calorie diet and training every day to bring their body fat to low levels, but it’s about creating an environment, both internally and externally, that allows their physical progress to excel.

With this, all in mind, is it possible to still create the same conditions in our current climate with our current restrictions in place?


It’s important first of all to establish what a transformation really is:


Most people will see a body transformation to be a muscular, six-packed figure, reflective of somebody in a photoshoot. We like to think that everyone has a potential for a transformation, whether it be to lose 5kg and gain a flatter stomach, goals may differ from person-to-person, all will see remarkable improvements in their physical shape and mental health.


1. Progressive and Structured Training Plan

Whether you’re at home, a commercial gym facility, a training programme should have elements of progression that help you build or retain muscle. The key to revealing a great body shape at the end of a transformation period is, still train as if you are building muscle tissue, even while you’re dieting. This includes progressive and correct strength training and prioritising recovery from sessions.

Regardless of whether it’s with resistance bands, dumbbells or just bodyweight, training at home can still provide effective workouts which are goal-driven.

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2. Structured and Tracking Nutrition

Eating within a small daily calorie drop – is the universal principle that leads to all transformations, as it’s the underlying factor to losing weight.


As simple as this sounds, however, it can be surprisingly challenging to remain in a calorie deficit unless you choose an appropriate method that you can sustain for a long period of time ie. Months on months. It’s important then to have a good setpoint with calories, food behaviours and habits with where you want your nutrition to move to.


Food behaviours can change based on change on environment or circumstances we find ourselves in, therefore it’s important to take on-board that the lockdown situation will be an easier environment for some to diet, and harder for others. It’s certainly a position where many can take control of their eating habits and capitalise on the free time that’s become available.


3. Consistent Positive Habits

Without adherence, even the best plan in the world won’t amount to anything. Not just workouts and nutrition, but all the positive daily habits need to be upheld for a period of time to reach a body shape that once seemed impossible.


One of the most challenging aspects of transforming your body shape in lockdown will come from resistance to positive habits, from struggling to find a good sleep pattern, to having a poor work-life balance.


Thankfully. Lockdown provides an opportunity to address these areas of habit, and find some consistency in them due to the time we currently face – groundhog days will give you the chance to adapt your routine.


If you change your perception of a lockdown, and what it provides, it quickly becomes apparent that it might actually be the ideal time to address health and work towards a transformation.



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