August 1

The Good With the Bad: Replacement Strategies for a Healthier Routine

Bad habits ingrained over time can often prove tough to break and when quitting outright doesn’t work, it might be necessary to bring in a new strategy. Replacing bad habits with positive ones can help to rewire your thinking and escape negative loops so as to develop healthy routines instead – here are some examples of this method in practice.


Cutting out junk food from your diet can be a tough challenge, especially if you’re in the habit of snacking. One method for overcoming poor eating is to simply outweigh the bad with the good – two items of fruit for every sugary snack, for example, will help you to develop the taste for nutrition you need to eradicate bingeables entirely. Great examples of ‘good snacks’ are seeds, nuts, fruit, edamame beans and snap peas.


For many of us, the draining thing about our professional lives isn’t the quantity of work but the quality of it. You can utilize replacement strategies within your career by offsetting every task you don’t enjoy with a task spent on something you’re passionate about (or getting closer to doing something you love for a living). For example, in the breaks between tasks, you could try using an online PDF editor to spruce up your resume – simply upload the file online to make changes, then download and share.


If you’re out of shape, exercise can feel doubly difficult but the important rule to bear in mind is that every little helps. If you’ve spent an hour sitting down, try to counterbalance this inactivity with brief, effectual exercises – you could carry out five quick pushups every time you stand up from a seated position, for example, or try jumping jacks during advert breaks. Eventually, these small workouts can evolve into more ambitious goals.


When you’re working from home or spending extended periods of time indoors, it’s important to cultivate a positive, stress-free environment – after all, a clean, decluttered home leads to a clean, decluttered mind. If you’re in the habit of leaving things out, take gradual action by tidying an item away every time you stand up – this bit-by-bit process will help you to establish a healing and healthy atmosphere at home.


We rarely think about the way we sit or stand but, considering so much of our lives are spent in sedentary positions, it’s important to address posture in an attentive manner. Simply replacing your chair with one that is more conducive to spinal health is a great start or you could try standing as you work with an adjustable desk.


When it comes to breaking bad habits, often quitting simply isn’t enough. By using replacement tactics, you’ll not only fill the hole left by leaving your old routine, but you’ll also begin to progress towards a healthier new lifestyle entirely.


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