January 21

The beginners guide to losing fat

The beginners guide to losing fat

Are you just starting out on your weight loss plan and have quite a lot of body fat you want to lose?

There are quite a few articles that we put out that give information on getting leaner or for guys who want to progress on to the next level. However, this article is for those guys who struggle to stay focused and motivated on their quest to lose body fat and those just starting out.

1. Starting out can be very simple, by starting to clean up your diet (when we refer to diet we mean your food). Eliminate processed foods and foods which may cause bloating and inflammation, foods such as dairy, sugary and starchy foods. Replacing them with gluten free oats, sweet potatoes and brown rice. Initially, no counting calories, no weighing of food, eating at particular times etc. Just cleaning up your eating habits. Very simple.

2. The next step is to set a daily protein goal. We like to start by knowing our clients lean bodyweight measurement. So if for example somebody weighs 90kg, start by consuming 1.5 x that daily in protein, so 135g spread out through the day.

3. Make sure you hit your water intake goal. I like to encourage everybody I work with to eat 2-3 litres of water per day.

Just these first three tips along with exercising with weights 2-3 times per week is enough to start seeing and feeling some changes in their physique. There will be a time when you will stall. It’s then important to keep a food diary and reflect on how your weight training has been going the first few weeks in order to know what necessary tweaks to make.

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4. When making a record of your food daily, this will show you how consistent you are being. Inconsistency with training and diet lead to poor results. So just make sure you are being consistent at all times.

5. Have you been using weights at least two times per week? If so this could be a time where you could add in an extra training session. By doing this can make that difference in pushing forward with your fat loss goals.

Here’s the thing, you don’t have to be all that fancy with your training techniques and nutrition. You just have to do the basics, doing the basics properly and consistently.

As you get leaner and stronger, then you will have to become slightly more specific to continue seeing more results.

Have a great week, and I hope you found this useful.

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