February 20

Staying On Track with Your Fitness Goals

Staying On Track with Your Fitness Goals

Many people have that little devil on their shoulder. The one that pops up every so often and swerves you away from your goals.


You’re all focused, starting a diet may be some exercise too, and then he comes and tries to throw you off track.


In many cases that voice you’re hearing is the old you and your old habits. Its those old, comfortable habits trying so desperately to move you away from them.


Many of you just hear the voice and let it take control. It tells you to skip that workout, start eating that load of junk food, spend more time with friends who may have helped you steer you off track in the first place.
Many of us don’t anticipate the voice in the background, and you’re all unprepared when it strikes.
Remember though, that the old you has been in place for a very long time prior, it takes time to change. Time to recreate new, healthier habits that will last. If you think you can hide away from old challenges, you’ve been very misled. You will still hear that voice pop up every now and again, and times you will feel it hard to stick to your progress, but it doesn’t mean you can’t push forward.


It’s actually being aware of these challenges, and then overcoming them, which makes you a lot better equipped and able to deal with them in the future.


When the voice pops up in future, just ask your self a few questions.

How far have your old friends and colleagues come in their health and fitness goals? (if they have any at all)

Who are you doing all this for (hopefully it’s yourself)

Are the people who you used to spend time with, anywhere near where you want to be in your life?

Are the people you spend a lot of your time with, much like the person you’d like to be?


These questions will reconfirm why you are doing this, and who you are really doing it for. Place your mind firmly on how much this means to you and the positive impact it could have on your health and what it could do for those closest to you. Each time you go to this, you’ll come out the other end stronger and stronger.


We’ve been where so many of you are right now, and what so many will go through. Fighting back our old self, and our old habits.


No one got anywhere in life, without any level of sacrifice.




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