April 21

Men Over 50′ Training and Nutritional Considerations

When we meet guys who want to begin our coaching process, it quickly becomes noticeable that age is ine of their biggest limiting beliefs.


They think that once they pass a certain age everything is supposed to be a lot more difficult. “this is what it’s like at my age” they say.


Luckily, we’re here to prove them wrong. At Lean Body Training in Finchley we strive to show them what’s possible for them. But not just getting our clients into great shape and feeling awesome, but to make them feel like they did in their 20’s.


The nutrition guidance we implement are surprisingly simple, easily adaptable and very effective. But why does ageing healthily something we even need to consider? The number of people aged 60 and above worldwide is projected to more than double in the next 35 years. What if I told you that you can influence all the factors that play a role in your health and quality of life, from improving your daily energy levels, to reduce your risk of illnesses and reduce your risk of physical injuries?


Here are some of the strategies we use to get our clients looking and feeling younger than ever.


Resistance Training

Being more popular than ever, but still underrated for its benefits as you age and the improvements of overall quality of life.


When resistance training is applied properly, there are countless benefits to both physical and mental health including reduce risks of osteoporosis and other chronic diseases, as well as improved retention of lean muscle and strength.


We would recommend prioritising recovery as much as the training itself, as the responsiveness to protein intake, therefore a part of helping to recover is reduced, and therefore harder to from high volume resistance training.


Consuming Protein

With recovery in mind, consuming enough protein is vital. This is not just the course of the day where you exercise, but also protein servings in each meal. The consumption of protein helps stimulate a process called muscle protein synthesis which is essential in preventing the depletion of muscle, as well as the formation of new tissue.


Current research shows that 1.2-5g per kg/ bodyweight may be ideal range to hit each day. For an 80kg individual this would be around 100-120 grams of protein per day.

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Adequate Hydration

Although most people are aware of how important hydration is for our bodies healthy functioning, it still is a struggle for some individuals to drink enough water each day. The sedentary person excretes 2700ml daily, via respiration, urination and sweating. Water is vital for so many processes; from performance to helping the immune system. Given that the human body is 50-70% water it’s understandable why building habits around drinking enough water can make such a positive impact to the way we look and feel, especially as we age.


Try these strategies on improving your water intake:


1.Create a link to another habit to increase consistency. For example, when you wake up in the mornings – first thing you do is reach for your bottle of water in your bedroom and drink 0.5 – 0.75 litres. This will hydrate you immediately and also prevent you from having to play catch up for the rest of the day.

2. Out of site, out of mind. If you have constant access to a water bottle, then you’re far more likely to remember to drink some!

3. Stay ahead of dehydration – thirst, dry mouth, headache are all symptoms of being dehydrated.


Don’t choose to accept a lower quality of life as you age, when you have the opportunity to reverse a lifetime of bad habits. All you need to do is accept where you can improve and make the decision to start today.

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