December 19

Losing Fat in 2020

Losing Fat in 2020

When it comes to training, you may have been a little confused over the years due to all of the conflicting advice on social media.

Is cardio necessary, are weights going to make you big, should I be training every day? There is so much information out there, and very often people are doing the wrong type of training for their goal.

You’re reading this because you want to change your body shape right? You want to lose body fat, build some muscle, and look in mirror and like what you see?

We have been coaching clients for over 10 years, and we are known for the level of results that we achieve. Not only that, but our clients find the process that we teach them to be sustainable. This is why we see our clients months and years down the line, and they’re still in shape and loving their new body.


The answer for anyone trying to change their body shape is muscle building. Now before you run a mile, we didn’t say bodybuilding. Your primary goal when you’re trying to change your body shape, should be adding muscle to your frame. Muscle not only gives you better shape (which can help to improve self-confidence), it will use more energy (which equals fat loss), and it also improves your posture (reduces injuries).

To add muscle to your body, you do need to lift weights. If you are a beginner, this means using mainly machines, which are safe, and they also allow you to learn a lot faster.


Would you like to know a technique we use to address our clients’ mindset and ensure they continually progress towards their goals?


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