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Do You Struggle Finding Time To Eat?

Do You Struggle Finding Time To Eat

A common statement we hear from busy parents and business people is “I don’t have time to eat healthy”.

At Lean Body, we’ve become pretty experienced at helping people overcome this barrier! Often it’s not that people don’t want to eat the right things, they simply don’t know how to, and stay consistent with it. Follow these 3 top tips to help you stay on top of your fat loss eating plan not matter how busy your day gets.

Obstacle 1 “I eat a lot in restaurants and there’s nothing healthy on the menu”.


If you eat out often and you’re trying to stick to a weight loss plan, one thing you can do is ask the restaurant to prepare your meals more the way you want them to be. Often restaurants have the food you need but it may not be offered that way on the menu. A great tip is simply to ask for a double on your portion of lean protein, minimise the starchy carbohydrates and double the vegetable portions they give you.

Obstacle 2

“I’ve got a busy work schedule and I don’t have enough time to eat breakfast or prepare my food”.


Set aside time once a week to prepare your food. Make a shopping list, order or go and get the food, then prepare for the whole week or even 3 or 4 day’s worth of meals ahead of time.

Before you buy your food, write your food plan out for the week. If you know your schedule ahead of time, you can plan when to eat and what to prepare.

You may find it easier to look at your weekly plan and work out which meals take longer to cook. If you’re busy make the time to prepare those first.

Obstacle 3

I’m in and out of meetings all day.


You make your own day hectic; so let’s take a step back and regain control of your day! Make sure you know what sort of day you have planned ahead then plan the times when you are going to eat. Condense the meals if you know you are going to have a busy day, for example prepare 2 bigger meals instead of 3 if you know time will be an issue.

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