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5 ways to make time for exercise!

In an ideal world, we’d all like to be able to dedicate an hour a day on exercise. Unfortunately reality likes to remind us that most of the time, a day just isn’t quite long enough! Between work, family time, school runs and shopping, we all have packed schedules and a whole heap of commitments. Here are 5 ways you […]

Go on…take a HIIT!

So you think you’re too busy to work out? We’ve got the solution! In just minutes, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) will get you sweating, breathing hard and at the same time maximise the health benefits of all round exercise. Even better, Scientific studies show its proven to work.

Sugar Cravings -5 Ways To Take Control!

Ah yes, that sweet tooth. Not even us fitness professionals are immune to sugar cravings! What separates the mind-strong from those who just can’t resist temptations? It may be more simple than you think! Instead of fighting through future sugar cravings, here are five ways to give in to it… in a healthy, low sugar type […]

Get Fit, Toned and Confident!

With all the articles and diet fads out there it’s sometimes hard to know what really removes unwanted fat and helps to get you toned. Below I’ll explain the approach and attitude you need to take the first steps to feeling fit, toned and confident! If you’re new to exercise, or just can’t get into a regular […]