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Why Your Weight Fluctuates

If you are somebody who weighs themselves every day, you probably see the number on the scale change every time you step on it. Maybe you did actually lose or gain, but more likely, your weight is reflective of something less impactful; simple fluctuations in your daily life. If you have a routine where you […]

How to create the ultimate home workout

Whether you have trained at home before lockdown or not, it’s likely you have noticed a drop in daily movement since going into quarantine. This begs the question, how and what kind of exercising should we be doing when locked up indoors?   Here’s the thing, it’s important to remember that training is not just […]

Essential Guide to Fatty Foods

    Are you afraid of fatty foods? Don’t be. In additional to helping food taste good, fats play an important part in a healthy, balanced diet. I’ll cover the basics about fats, which ones to avoid and ones that play an important part in our overall health.   The Basics   Each gram of […]

Eating healthy, 4 ways to stay on track

  As people, we thrive when we have structure and daily routine. When our routine changes, it can take some time to adapt back into a momentum that worked for us before. For a lot of people, this will be a very hard time to adapt due to the curveball we have been thrown in […]

Explained, Muscle Soreness

Muscle soreness after exercise is practically a given. Some exercisers seek it out, whereas others prefer to avoid it at all costs. No matter where you are, you may be wondering why muscle soreness lingers for so many days in some cases and whether it’s good or bad and how to handle it. You may […]

What’s better for fat loss…Weights or cardio?

Back in the day, if you asked a fitness pro what they considered the best way to lose weight? They’d probably tell you to get on the treadmill or do some cardio- long and slow. This was the go-to option for anyone who wanted to lose weight.   Whether it was cycling, running, using the […]

3 Simple Hacks for Healthy Fat Loss

Finding new ways to create new habits is not easy at the beginning. We all work a bit differently, regardless of what we know we should be doing, we sometimes over complicate things when all we need to do is start with small steps and challenges that will steer us into the right direction. This […]

6 Ways To Get Lean This Summer

Summer is fast approaching and even though it’s important to always stay fit, healthy and strong, many people find extra motivation around this time of year. So here are 6 ways to keep you lean this summer… 1. Forget The Diets To really transform your body and keep it looking lean, fit and healthy, you […]

Best Exercises to Burn Fat

When you want to burn fat, there are some criteria we believe to be very important. The moves you do should: Work a greater part of your body Be as low-impact as possible Be safe to carry out for higher reps and with shorter break sessions These exercises are generally easy to perform, but still burn […]