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6 Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System

Each season, usually winter and spring we hear from people who are complaining of colds and flu-like symptoms. They ask what they should be doing around exercising when feeling like this. If you don’t think anything can be done to prevent colds and flu in the first place, think again.   Most people take their […]

The “toning up” Truths

“I want to tone my arms and chest” are common statements we hear from guys who come in and speak to us at our gym facility.   How many people do you know who spend hours each week using cardio machines, countless stomach exercises and bicep curls in an attempt to get a toned stomach […]

Staying On Track with Your Fitness Goals

Many people have that little devil on their shoulder. The one that pops up every so often and swerves you away from your goals.   You’re all focused, starting a diet may be some exercise too, and then he comes and tries to throw you off track.   In many cases that voice you’re hearing […]

Does Your Personal Trainer Have The Coach’s Eye?

Not enough trainers have the coach’s eye – what do we mean by this? It means that they simply don’t truly see what’s happening when they’re training their clients. They don’t watch for clues to see when their client should be regressing or progressing. They don’t see when exercises aren’t right and often hope that […]

The beginners guide to losing fat

Are you just starting out on your weight loss plan and have quite a lot of body fat you want to lose? There are quite a few articles that we put out that give information on getting leaner or for guys who want to progress on to the next level. However, this article is for […]

5 Tips To Prevent Losing Muscle Over 40

As untrained men get older (past 40 usually), many of them notice how significantly weaker they get, and also notice that keeping and building muscle gets increasingly harder. Many men think this is just part of the ageing process, and decide that it’s just the way that it’s going to have to be from then […]

What to consider before starting a new training regime in 2020

New Years Day Coming Up- the day you’re going to get bombarded with fitness solutions, fixes and fads. ********** Maybe you’ve spent a few days consuming our body weight in chocolate, dinners and puddings, feeling slightly tired and hazy,   So we decide it’s time to make a change, 2020 will be ‘the year’ *********** […]

Losing Fat in 2020

When it comes to training, you may have been a little confused over the years due to all of the conflicting advice on social media. Is cardio necessary, are weights going to make you big, should I be training every day? There is so much information out there, and very often people are doing the […]

Is It Ok To Include Cheat Days Over The Holidays?

When it comes to contentious debates around losing weight, “cheat meals” seem to be a popular subject. Some people who’ve set a goal of losing weight and are staying on track may think integrating a “cheat day” or a “cheat meal” will hinder their hard work and progress. Often based on past experience, they might […]