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Six – Pack Abs – The Beginners Guide

After all, guys can workout twice a day, train for years, build an awesome set of muscles, and still not see their abs coming through. That’s because when it comes to building a strong, polished set of abs, the amount of time you spend in the gym and all the crunches in the world is […]

Transforming Your Body During Lockdown

At Lean Body Training, we have a reputation locally for helping our clients achieve body transformations they never thought were possible. This isn’t simply a case of going on a very low-calorie diet and training every day to bring their body fat to low levels, but it’s about creating an environment, both internally and externally, […]

4 Key Ways to Build Muscle

There are many guys who message or speak to us on a daily basis about having issues with gaining and maintaining muscle tissue. No matter how much they’ve trained, they don’t seem to be seeing the growth that they are wanting. Does this sound like you? And have you questioned why? Here are some things […]

High Body Fat And Low Testosterone | Men

Usually, as unaware men age (usually past 40), many of them notice the more lethargic and weaker they get, and they also notice some loss of muscle. Many think that this is just all part of the ageing process, and decide that this is the way it just has to be and accept. What many […]

Getting Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat

Want to know the truth about “stubborn belly fat” and how you can get rid of it?   It’s not really stubborn fat at all,  you just haven’t committed to the right approach for long enough to get rid of it.   I have heard many clients talk about it over the years, and the […]

3 Ways to Keep Healthy and Fit After 50

When some of our clients begin to work with us, it quickly becomes apparent that their age is one of their limiting beliefs. They think that once they reach past a certain age, everything becomes a lot harder. “Just wait till you get to my age” many say.   We like to prove that wrong. […]

The Facts About Very Low Calorie Dieting

‘Calorie deficit’ is a term thrown around a lot, especially on social media, to express how un-complicated losing weight can be. Moving more and eating less is the principle said to guarantee results. But how far does this concept take, and to what extent to keep eating less and less appropriate? Very low calorie dieting […]

“Which are the best exercises to lose body fat?”

“Which exercises should I be doing: compound exercises, HIIT, split set training, what reps, sets, tempo, how many times per week? Confused? Our answer to everyone with this question is – what is your exercise experience and what is your goal? How we design programmes specific to individuals is different for someone with 10 years […]

6 Bad Habits That Kill Your Metabolism

You may have already noticed your metabolism slowing as you age. According to research in the Public Health Nutrition journal, you’re right. In a review of data on energy expenditure, researchers found getting older is associated with progressive declines in basal metabolic rate. On top of that, many daily habits can drain your metabolism even […]

‘Why am I not seeing the results I expected?’

Do you feel you are putting much thought and preparation into your food everyday, spend your hard earned money filling your fridge every week, pay for a gym membership every month and dedicate hours to the gym every week? Do you expect your body to be looking different to what it does right now?   […]