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Your motivation

Motivation is a finite resource – This is something we tell our clients upon the joining process. We believe it’s an important thing to understand as we’re exposed to countless motivational resources across the world of media. Those that come seeking our guidance have often failed due to the pressure they put on themselves to […]

“What do your clients eat to lose body fat?”

We receive many messages from people asking for the nutrition guidance that our clients follow to get into shape. A lot gets pretty frustrated when we say “This really depends”, or give general guidelines but nothing specific.   Many inexperienced personal trainers may simply send out a generic diet plan when asked for advice, and […]

“Which are the best exercises to lose body fat?”

“Which exercises should I be doing to lose body fat?” Compound exercises, HIIT, body part split, running and how many reps, sets? Confused? Our answer to everyone who asks this question is – what is your goal specifically and what is your training experience? How we design our programmes for someone with 10 years experience […]

Staying Healthy Beyond Our 40’s

Research has shown us that living through your 40’s can be the most challenging decade of your life both mentally and physically. This is when you are at the highest risk of being diagnosed with chronic diseases, often stemming from lifestyle habits. In particular, excess levels of unwanted body fat are associated with shorter life […]

4 ways to relieve body aches and pains

If you’re someone recently suffering from knee pain, back pain, neck pain or general tight and stiffness then we promise you you’re not the only one. The issue stems from the fact that humans aren’t designed to remain in a single position for hours at a time, we’re designed to be mobile. Think about your […]

Building Muscle: The 3 Pillars

When building lean muscle there are a few fundamentals that you need to know and focus on. However, before you start the process, you have to be mindful of that, in order to be successful with the muscle-building process, you will need to be consistent and take a long enough approach to let muscle fibres […]

The Myth of Turning Fat to Muscle

The internet and media nowadays is awash with supplements, diets and training strategies claiming to “convert fat into muscle!” But is this actually possible to do?   The answer is an absolute no. Muscle and fat are two entirely different substances and both play separate roles in the body.   Body fat is involved in […]

Balancing your social life with your fitness goals

Keeping a social life can be tough when you’re trying to stay on track with your health and fitness targets. There’s tempting beverages, tasty desserts and gatherings which sometimes can make our diets derail and make it harder to stay consistent in the gym. This can be a very conflicting situation to be tied too, […]

Dealing With Health Changes In Your 30’s

While you go through your 30’s and the years in which you cement your identity, it is also a time where priorities can take a shift. With health dropping down the list behind work, a young family and social commitments. Time can convenience can be a common barriers to eating healthy.   If you’re in […]

What to do if you hate exercising

Motivation is a limited resource – this is something we mention to our new clients during the joining process. We believe it’s an important thing to realise as we are constantly exposed to motivational quotes and resources in the world of social media. A lot of those seeking guidance have often failed on their fitness […]