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How to increase your level of results

When people are looking for a personal trainer in Finchley, most of the time what they’re looking for is someone to motivate them, someone who can help them workout and push them a bit more. What they don’t think is if the personal trainer has the skill to bring out the best in them and […]

Can you really lose weight by walking?

What’s there not to love about walking? It has a tone of health benefits, it’s free, it’s easy. But can you lose weight from it?   On one hand, walking may help prevent weight gain over time. However, it may be tough to shed weight by walking alone.   Without changing eating habits, you [would] […]

4 ways to keep on track with your nutrition

People thrive off structure and routine. When our structure changes, it can take some time to adapt back to the routine which used to work for us. For a lot of people this past year it has been a real struggle due to the curveball life has thrown at us, and whether we realise it […]

The reasons why generic diet plans don’t work

When you think of eating “healthy” food to lose weight, what do you think of first?   Chicken? Broccoli? Protein Shakes? Avocados? No, I’m not a mind reader, we just encounter many people with a similar view on healthy eating.   Granted, there are many foods that CAN provide more physical benefits to us (within […]

Why more isn’t always better

After lockdown with gyms reopening, many are back on track with their health & fitness journey. It can be very tempting to force habits while pushing for rapid progress in order to reach your goal faster. This could be in the form of countless hours of HIIT classes, cardio, removing all enjoyable foods from your […]

“But I don’t have time to eat that way”

This is a common excuse we receive from a lot of guys that start with us. On the face of it all, “I don’t have time to prepare or cook for like that every day” sounds like a reasonable statement. However, having a busy life isn’t a reason to not feed your body with good, […]

4 Habits To Long Term Health

Have you lately become more conscious about your health overall? You’re not the only one. It’s been a common conversation our personal trainers in Finchley have been having since Covid became part of our lives and has brought an awareness to most people on just how important looking after our health really is. With that […]

“What do your clients eat to lose weight?”

We receive many messages from people asking for what type of workouts and diet planning our clients follow when we get them in shape. They usually get confused when we say “it really does depend”, or we give them a guideline initially, but nothing too specific.   Many inexperienced personal trainers may simply send out […]

Getting beach abs ready by the summer

Summer is around the corner and everyone wants that chiselled torso when they take their top off, which of course includes a flat stomach and toned abs. A lot of guys (wrongly) assume that to achieve a great stomach they have to do hundreds of situps. The truth contrary to what we see in the […]

The key to losing fat and keeping it off

All of us know that its easy to pursue something when it’s our passion. We also understand that you can stick to something if you really, really want to achieve it (and you’re clear that it is something you really want).   In many cases, getting to a lean body shape isn’t actually someone’s passion, […]