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4 Ways To Build Muscle

There are many guys we speak to, who when come to see us have issues building lean muscle. No matter how much they go to the gym they still seem to struggle to add the muscle they’re looking for. If this sounds like something you’re experiencing? Have you questioned the reasons that might be behind […]

Race Day Tips: How To Make It Safely To The Finish Line

When you start running races, there is a lot to learn in terms of course etiquette and safety. You train hard to run the race, and you want to ensure that you get to the end safely. Learning just a few basics can help you hit that finish line in fine fashion. Here’s some advice […]

4 Reasons You’re Not Building Muscle

Trying to gain muscle can be frustrating. We meet new clients all the time who come to see us at Lean Body Training with complicated reasons as to why they’re not progressing in the gym. However, the problem can be simple, and is typically rooted in one of these four mistakes: 1. You’re not eating […]

4 ways to stay on track with nutrition

As humans, we thrive off structure and routine. When changes are made in our routine, it can take time to adapt to our new routine and habits. And whether we realise it or not, our nutritional intake will be changing along with us. Many factors influence our diet choices, from our environment, the amount of […]

Does Low Energy Stop You Going To The Gym?

When mid-afternoon arrives do you feel a slump in energy, or do you finish work feeling totally exhausted? Perhaps in the mornings, it takes a long time to get going?   Feeling low in vitality can be symptoms of something not functioning right in the body. However, many people just accept that that’s just the […]

3 simple ways to manage cravings

An overwhelming desire for chocolate or pastries — cravings can pop up out of nowhere and be detrimental to losing weight. However, there are both physiological and psychological reasons behind them. The good news is that there are ways to manage cravings throughout the day. Stay on track to reach your fat loss goals with these […]

4 steps to set successful fat loss goals for 2022

You may be surprised to know that quite a lot of clients that come to see us for the first time, arrive without really having thought through their goals. When they arrive for their first session we hear things like, “I want to lose some weight”, or “I want to gain more muscle” or they […]

Your motivation

Motivation is a finite resource – This is something we tell our clients upon the joining process. We believe it’s an important thing to understand as we’re exposed to countless motivational resources across the world of media. Those that come seeking our guidance have often failed due to the pressure they put on themselves to […]

“What do your clients eat to lose body fat?”

We receive many messages from people asking for the nutrition guidance that our clients follow to get into shape. A lot gets pretty frustrated when we say “This really depends”, or give general guidelines but nothing specific.   Many inexperienced personal trainers may simply send out a generic diet plan when asked for advice, and […]

“Which are the best exercises to lose body fat?”

“Which exercises should I be doing to lose body fat?” Compound exercises, HIIT, body part split, running and how many reps, sets? Confused? Our answer to everyone who asks this question is – what is your goal specifically and what is your training experience? How we design our programmes for someone with 10 years experience […]