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How to balance your fitness goals with your social life

Maintaining a busy social life can be tough when you’re trying to get on track with your health and fitness plan. There are tempting treats, alcohol and tasty desserts, which can sometimes throw us off track and keep us from regularly going to the gym. This can be a very conflicting situation to be caught […]

Where Are You With Your Fitness?

Some people get to a stage or a ‘wake-up call’ where their health is the reason they’ve decided they need to make a change.   Others may have lost control over time and put on more body fat than they are comfortable with.   They’ve gone past the point where a month of full-on training […]

The ‘Fattening Foods’ Myth

Afraid there is no such thing as ‘fattening foods’ However, there are not any truly ‘fattening’ foods either. There are however foods that are more nutritionally dense and support our body’s recovery and health better than others. Some foods keep us feeling fuller than others, but no one food alone will make us fat – […]

3 Ways To Manage Food Cravings

Do you ever experience hunger cravings? We can assure you that food cravings are not out of the ordinary! In fact, we’d say the majority of our clients and even us coaches have our vices! Whether it’s sweets, chocolate or greasy fast food, we believe the key to tackling cravings is to acknowledge, accept and […]

‘I’m Exercising But Still Not Losing Weight?’

‘Why am I exercising but still not losing weight?’ When you’ve joined a gym, lost a couple of kgs at first, but now your weight won’t budge. This can be incredibly frustrating. While this might sound counter-intuitive, exercise doesn’t always equal weight loss. Here are three things you need to ask yourself… Are you really […]

Low Testosterone & High Body Fat Levels | Middle Aged Men

As men are unaware (usually past 40), start to notice how lethargic and weaker they feel as well as noticing they’re losing muscle. Many think that this is just part of the ageing process, and decide that it’s just the way it’s going to be and they just accept. What many men fail to realise […]

4 Ways To Build Muscle

There are many guys we speak to, who when come to see us have issues building lean muscle. No matter how much they go to the gym they still seem to struggle to add the muscle they’re looking for. If this sounds like something you’re experiencing? Have you questioned the reasons that might be behind […]

Race Day Tips: How To Make It Safely To The Finish Line

When you start running races, there is a lot to learn in terms of course etiquette and safety. You train hard to run the race, and you want to ensure that you get to the end safely. Learning just a few basics can help you hit that finish line in fine fashion. Here’s some advice […]

4 Reasons You’re Not Building Muscle

Trying to gain muscle can be frustrating. We meet new clients all the time who come to see us at Lean Body Training with complicated reasons as to why they’re not progressing in the gym. However, the problem can be simple, and is typically rooted in one of these four mistakes: 1. You’re not eating […]