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The Useful Guide to Macros

Macronutrient is a term used to bucket three types of foods we eat. Our bodies require certain amounts to function properly, and this can vary per person. On the other hand, alcohol also provides calories (7 calories per gram) but is not considered a macronutrient because we don’t require alcohol to live, unlike fats, protein […]

Feel Your Best With These 5 Simple Health Strategies

When you’re juggling a busy schedule, it’s easy to spend your downtime going out to eat rather than cooking, or relaxing while watching TV instead of working out. But implementing basic healthy habits into your lifestyle can boost your energy levels and well-being without wasting too much of your free time. Here’s how you can […]

The beginners guide to losing body fat

Are you just starting out on your weight loss routine and have quite a lot of body fat to lose? There are a number of articles we put out that relate to people who are fit, lean and looking to progress to the next level. However, this article is more for those who are just […]

5 Nutrition Habits To Keep You Lean & Healthy

At Lean Body Training, we don’t subscribe to any one diet, as the client’s individual needs will dictate the direction we guide them towards. However, what we’ve found over years of coaching is that our advice is nearly always rooted in these five key eating habits. How closely the client must follow the plan depends […]

How to balance your fitness goals with your social life

Maintaining a busy social life can be tough when you’re trying to get on track with your health and fitness plan. There are tempting treats, alcohol and tasty desserts, which can sometimes throw us off track and keep us from regularly going to the gym. This can be a very conflicting situation to be caught […]

Where Are You With Your Fitness?

Some people get to a stage or a ‘wake-up call’ where their health is the reason they’ve decided they need to make a change.   Others may have lost control over time and put on more body fat than they are comfortable with.   They’ve gone past the point where a month of full-on training […]

The ‘Fattening Foods’ Myth

Afraid there is no such thing as ‘fattening foods’ However, there are not any truly ‘fattening’ foods either. There are however foods that are more nutritionally dense and support our body’s recovery and health better than others. Some foods keep us feeling fuller than others, but no one food alone will make us fat – […]

3 Ways To Manage Food Cravings

Do you ever experience hunger cravings? We can assure you that food cravings are not out of the ordinary! In fact, we’d say the majority of our clients and even us coaches have our vices! Whether it’s sweets, chocolate or greasy fast food, we believe the key to tackling cravings is to acknowledge, accept and […]

‘I’m Exercising But Still Not Losing Weight?’

‘Why am I exercising but still not losing weight?’ When you’ve joined a gym, lost a couple of kgs at first, but now your weight won’t budge. This can be incredibly frustrating. While this might sound counter-intuitive, exercise doesn’t always equal weight loss. Here are three things you need to ask yourself… Are you really […]