What we do at Lean Body

Lean Body is a progressive fat loss plan that is focused on dropping your body fat whilst increasing your overall strength.

Training up to three sessions per week following a comprehensive training system, whilst allowing you to work at the level that’s right for you.

The biggest problem we see in people when it comes to their fitness goals is that they do things that they don’t enjoy doing. Which can lead to a lack of progression and sustainability, from not having a plan.

On our group sessions there’s no more confusion about what you should do, just turn up and follow the scientifically structured programme. Knowing you’re doing the right exercises, in the right amounts, in the right combinations, with the right technique.

Lean Body focuses on rotational, functional training techniques, with a variety of compound and isolation exercises that are both challenging, fun and deliver results

Lean Body group training sessions take place at our studio gym in Finchley, North London. With many of our clients also coming from surrounding areas, including: Hendon, Barnet, Muswell Hill, Golders Green, Mill Hill, Colindale and Whetstone.