Do you feel like your following everything right but the scales hardly shift? If you’re frustrated with losing weight and keeping it off, then check to see if your making these common errors.

1. Not eating enough protein

Eating enough protein is crucial in the quest to getting lean, especially if you’re training. Your body requires adequate amounts of protein to help your muscles recover and in turn- burn fat. Consuming protein in each meal also helps you feel fuller for longer. Get your protein from sources such as eggs, beans, fish and lean meats (chicken, lean beef, turkey etc.).

2. Skipping meals

Skipping breakfast and lunch then binging out at dinner time will make losing fat and leaning down very difficult. Try to spread your meals out during the day with sources of protein and veggies in each meal. Snack time reach for small but filling bites such as a handful of nuts or a fat free yogurt.

3. Too much cardio not enough strength training

5 Dieting Errors That Stop You from Getting Lean- Too much cardio not enough strength training

Strength training, not cardio, is the key to fat loss and shaping. Sure cardio burns some calories, but you’re spending too much time doing it, your body will adapt, there’s risk of boredom which can lead to quitting exercise all together. Lifting weights builds muscle, which will burn more calories throughout the day.

4. “I eat healthy food”

Hate to break it, but eating nothing but healthy food, meaning veggies, fruit, nuts etc. while all good food choices pack a calorie hit, they need to be accounted for like anything else.

5. Ditch the diets

If you really want to transform your body, stay healthy and get lean, you need to ditch the low calorie, quick-fix diets. They wont work in the long term. Yes, you can lose weight initially when being highly restrictive of your calories drinking shakes, juices or starving altogether, but more often than not you will return to your old eating patterns and put any weight loss back on.

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With winters cold, wet weather and shorter days, it can be tempting to hibernate. As this is the time of year when many people start new healthier and fitter habits, something has to be given up and hibernating isn’t really an option. Here are 5 ways to set you up for lasting weight-loss success, even when its dark and cold outside.

1. Have The Right Kit

Not just for training outside. Even if you’re in the gym, invest in some new workout gear, this can really help with your motivation. This will also keep you warm when you venture out, some areas get slippery with snow and ice, so be sure to wear footwear with a grippy bottom.

2. Find a Workout Buddy

If you’re lacking motivation in chilly days, get an accountability buddy or coach to help you stay on track. Convince a buddy to start a workout plan with you, but still stick to it if one or the other cancels. Not only will you burn away those holiday calories, but you’ll also get to socialize.

3. Food Prep Ahead

5 Ways To Stay Motivated In The Winter

If you’re not a morning person, but plan to workout in the morning or straight after work, try to get everything from breakfast to gym bag ready the evening before – even leaving by the door.

Meal planning is key when it comes to getting lean and good organization around the kitchen plays a big part in burning fat and working towards the body shape you want. Food prepping doesn’t mean spending your whole weekend in the supermarket or kitchen, it can be done in small batches every few days or so.

4. Explore A New Workout Routine

New workout hobbies have been shown to boost motivation and excitement- thus more likely sticking to it. The key here is to try something active that you’ve never done before which will bring a refreshing exercise routine.

5. Remember That Feel Good Feeling

Think about finishing a killer run, sweating and breathless, endorphins beginning to flow. Most people when working out have at least some moments where they felt completely revitalized after a workout. Reminding yourself of this helps give extra motivation to get up and go!