Most people grafting in the gym have one goal in common, and that is fat loss!
Unfortunately 90% of those people never reach their goal. They are misguided by trainers and information who know nothing better and eventually they end up quitting their training regime and diet. Silly crash diets, detox juices and pills further worsen the case. All these do is either deteriorate the metabolism or simply halter the endocrine system. In this article, I’ll mention the 5 fundamentals of fat loss that are the foundations of every successful fat loss plan.

1. Learn To Track Calories

Any fitness related goal, be it fat loss or gaining muscle, tracking calories is crucial. When it comes to losing fat, its even more important to calculate your calorie intake and usage. If you’re wondering how to calculate calories and what your numbers mean, there are useful apps such as Myfitnesspal that will give you a guide about calorie logging. Calculate your BMR, daily activity levels, exercise activity and calorie intake, work that out and consume as a starting guide 10% less than the number you get.

2. Eat More Protein

Protein rich Foods for losing fat


Eating enough protein is crucial. No matter what your goal is at the moment, protein consumption should be by the top of the list. In short, protein will keep you feeling fuller for longer, help your muscles recover and reduce the urge for binge eating. Overall individuals can start with 1-1.5 grams per kilo of body weight. As you get leaner you may need to add more protein to your overall diet.

3. Getting A Quality Night Sleep

One of the main problems that is associated with lack of sleep is an increase in cortisol levels. As you may know already, cortisol is a hormone that gets released within the body that works to break down body tissues. At stressful times, you will find cortisol levels to be really high since the body is getting ready for fight or flight mode.

Reducing calories too much can put the body in a stressful state since it is taking fewer calories than its used to, therefore you are already at risk for such problems as muscle mass loss.

4. Don’t Depend On Cardio

A lot of readers might dislike this, but matter of fact, too much cardio is of a catabolic nature. If swimming, Zumba and jogging are your main exercises and you do it purely for fat loss, you will never attain your goal. At best you might become ‘skinny fat’. Performing excess cardio in a caloric deficit, is a recipe for muscle atrophy. Breaking down muscle tissue affects your BMR, and leads to a sluggish metabolism. You will get thinner and weaker, not stronger and leaner.

5. Aim To Rev Your Metabolism

One of the basic keys for optimum fat loss is achieving a higher BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). A higher BMR simply means your body burns more calories while resting. We all know that person who eats a lot but never gets fat!, you know why? Its because of his/her very fast metabolism.

Two Ways you can improve your BMR

  1. By eating more nutritious foods
  2. By Increasing lean muscle

Your BMR will take some time to gradually come up. No particular food or workout can add it. A combination of consistent nutrition and an exercise plan should do the job. Don’t try and workout everyday in the gym when your nutrition is poor and vice-versa. Your workouts and recovery periods should be intelligent not anyhow.

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Lean Body Programmes


Approaching a new weight loss regime can be something people put off for a while. It can be damn right scary not knowing where and when to start. But there are ways to ease your way in, so it doesn’t suddenly feel like a daunting approach. Here we cover 5 key tips that can get your fitness journey of to an effective start, without feeling too much has changed.. read on for 5 ways you can start today.

Choose one activity

If you’re somebody who doesn’t generally get any activity done during the week, then start by integrating one chosen activity you can see yourself sustaining. This could be going for a walk twice a week in the evenings, cycling to work or even just taking a longer route to and from the station. Yes- this is optional, as you don’t have to do it, but this is a decision you can begin making to a more active, healthier life.

Stay hydrated

Drinking water is involved in many metabolic processes in our bodies, dehydration can potentially slow down your metabolism, which can halt weight loss.

There also is a theory that drinking a glass of water before a meal can help you feel fuller, meaning you eat less calories. A 2009 study by the Department of Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise in Virginia confirmed this connection, it states that water consumption can actually reduce meal energy intake among middle-aged and older adults.

Work out buddy

As well as going-in alone, grab someone else to help motivate you. You’re breaking a routine, and doing this alone can be tough. Ask a friend or family member to walk, or have a work out with you. Positively influencing each other can really keep you on track!

Slowly change eating habits

When it comes to starting a weight loss journey, it’s the little things that can really add up to make a big difference. Thinking “diet” will get many associating this with a forced calorie, misery restricted routine. But when it comes to sustained weight loss, research suggests you’re better off making small bite-sized, consistent changes rather than sudden big lifestyle changes. The key is that small changes are practical and can realistically be maintained long-term into everyday life.

Enjoy a treat once in a while

Don’t quit your favourite foods once and for all. Doing so may lead to failure. A sudden drastic diet is not sustainable, and feeling deprived may lead you to binge eat. Enjoying a treat sometimes wont sabotage your weight loss efforts, just get back on track the next day.

Try these tips for the next few weeks and see how you get on. This is just a small start to a bigger picture, but going in the right direction.

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